Non-Gym workout examples

Ok, so I just cancelled my gym membership after 1 year of going (because they double billed me multiple times and screwed up my checking account....grrr.) So now I am trying to figure out some good ways to work out without the gym. I already take walks and have free weights at home, but I'm not really creative with any sort of routine. Any advice?


  • Cchioles
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    YouTube Has A lot Of Ideas. :)
  • Elle_Bronwyn15
    Elle_Bronwyn15 Posts: 296 Member
    Thanks, I'll check out some videos :)
  • simaybish
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    You tube , fit sugar. They have great ones. Not sure if its one word or two though. Also Jeanette Jenkins has good videos too!
  • sofaking6
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    Youtube for sure. Jessica Smith, Fitness Blender, GymRa, BeFit, BodyFitbyAmy, and more! All free.
  • SueInAz
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    You are your own gym or other body weight exercises.
  • meexwalks
    meexwalks Posts: 14 Member is basically my whole workout routine these days. There's something for everyone.