Hello Everyone

Bizurke51 Posts: 190 Member
Just wanted to say Hi and share my experience with MFP.

I've lost 56lbs in 330 days :) This was way more than I expected to lose at the start. I started at 235lbs and a goal of 210, then 200, then 190 then 180. Weight loss slowed at that point and i decided enough is enough. I'm currently upping my calories each week or so until I hit maintenance level.

Just want to say if you're reading this and need motivation my advice is:

Start right now, not tomorrow! Log whatever you've eaten today and make smarter choices starting this instance. I still remember when I decided to begin. I was at the gym and decided it was time to change my body. I went home for dinner and Mom made homemade cheese steaks. I usually ate 2, but i decided tonight I'm stopping at one. Sounds silly, but that's how it all began for me. Don't wait, start now!

Make a decision to be 100% committed for just one month. If you do this you'll have success and you'll continue your journey until you've hit your goal.

Take pics every month.

Feel free to add me as a friend! Good luck everyone!