constipation question(sorry wont be too detailed)

ive been dealing with this issue for a few weeks off and on and its annoying. im trying to drink more water and incorporate fiber into my diet. activia works but it gets expensive. can anyone suggest a natural or healthy way to deal with this? praying i can do something without having to go to the hospital AGAIN!


  • larsensue
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    coffee and nothing else first thing in the AM gets me "going"
  • goshnames
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    Coffee and a banana in the morning!

    Or a few bowls of fibre 1.

    Hehehehe, I'm so immature. :)
  • dward59
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    Fiber One bars if you can add them to your daily routine.

    I've added Yerba Prima fiber caps too. Not my preferred way to get fiber, but it has helped.
  • madddonna
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    An over-the-counter stool softener like Colace or the generic docusate sodium taken each night at bedtime or first thing in the morning can help. If that doesn't help after a week, you can safelly take two at a time. The generic is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of going to the hospital. Steel Cut Oatmeal for breakfast can add fiber to your diet. Don't get the fast-cooking kind. It is not whole grain and doesn't have the same fiber content. If things get really bad, try over-the-counter magnesium citrate. Just hold your nose and gulp it down. Be ready to stay at home for a few hours afterwards. I am a nurse and I work with people with these problems all the time.
  • healthygreek
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    I drink 4 oz of prune juice in the morning followed by 2 large glasses of water 10 minutes later then breakfast. I also take 400 mg of magnesium citrate capsule at night. Never have a problem.
    Also eat lots of veggies and drink lots of water!
  • cloch123
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    Prunes are great. I keep them in the fridge in case this happens. I also like the metamucil crisps. They are cookies you can eat that are meant to regulate you. You only take them when you are constipated but usually within 24 hours you will go without any stomach ache.
  • kaylorraine44
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    Agree with the first reply. High-fibre breakfast cereal and coffee all the way.
  • Molly250
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    I've cut out starchy bland food, especially bread
  • Graelwyn75
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    I just make sure to eat around 6-7 servings of vegetables and fruits a day, specially carrots and apples, and drink plenty of water.
    Exercise helps as well.
    At the worst, I echo the suggestion of prunes, have some dried prunes before bed, and a hot drink when you get up. That should sort it, but really, if you are getting enough fluids, fruits and veggies, this shouldn't be an issue.
  • 6spdeg
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    stay away from any pills first of all... psyllium fiber is awesome.. its in metamucil and like kellogs all bran buds need a mix of soluble and insoluble fibers.
  • courtneytrisha
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    psyllium husk!! works amazing and has no taste or anything, look into it!
  • emmietoby
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    i find that if i eat sugarfree candy it makes me go . one some people it works as a laxative it states it on the package. good luck.
  • lilpocketrocket
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    I agree psyllium husks are brilliant...helps you feel fuller as well...I put it in my porridge every morning.
  • jen_mv
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    I looked at your diary and for June you had only two days where you had adequate fiber; try to get at least 25g per day. Beans can add a lot of fiber, and opt for whole wheat products instead of refined (check the label to make sure that the first ingredient is "whole wheat flour"). Also try to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day (and more is better). Fiber one cereal, the kind that looks like little brown cylinders, is a good second option.
  • iWillGetCrowSomeday
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    Avoid stimulant laxatives unless your doctor tells you to take them. Your body can become dependent on them.

    Bottom line is (oops, sorry about the pun) is talk to your doctor. Make sure you don't have something else going on causing the constipation, since it's sending you to the hospital. "Normal" constipation doesn't do this. Chronic constipation can be a symptom of or can lead to some major problems.

    Generally speaking, though:
    Try to establish a "routine" and recognize the urge to go. Constipation begets constipation- meaning, if you're suddenly like, "Oh! I need to poo. Don't have the time right now, maybe in a little bit..." you're setting yourself up for trouble. When nature calls, answer. Especially if constipation is landing you in the hospital!

    Increased water intake is good, too. Try leafy green salads (spinach, spring mixes, baby greens, kale - not iceberg), dried fruits like prunes or figs, and avocados. They have healthy levels of magnesium (never take a supplement unless you know you're deficient- Mag can cause serious problems in too high a dose) which help you "go." Bananas are always good, so is applesauce.

    Soluble fiber will constipate you. It slows down the motility in your GI tract. Foods that have soluble fiber include oatmeal, oat cereal, lentils, apples, oranges, pears, oat bran, strawberries, nuts, flaxseeds, beans, dried peas, blueberries, psyllium, cucumbers, celery, and carrots.

    Insoluble fiber is what you want if you want to get things moving. They add bulk without constipating. They include fruits and veggies with skins (cucumbers, grapes, squash), root veggies with skins (beets, potatoes), whole bran (NOT in flour form- nothing is "whole" anything in flour form), dark leafy veggies...
  • zagon_the_ultimate
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    i find that if i eat sugarfree candy it makes me go . one some people it works as a laxative it states it on the package. good luck.

    this is because most sugar free things are sweetened by sugar alcohols (sorbitol, xylitol, and maltitol mainly), they also function to a lesser degree as a laxitive. this is because your body cant fully absorb them, or break them down, this makes your body dump them (pun not intended) by flushing them out.
  • lemonmon1
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    I checked through a few days of your diary. Maybe it's related to too much wheat gluten (cereal, pasta, sandwich bread) and other starchy carbs, and not enough vegetables and fruit for fiber. I don't eat cereal for breakfast anymore. I have a fruit and kale smoothie. My bowels are never stopped up! I hope you get moving soon!
  • jess1992uga
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    I have had this issue too and I use fiber one cereals (lots of store brands). Also prunes or reduced sugar craisins seem to help.

    For istant relief though heated up prune or plum juice works for me. Sunsweet has a Plum Smart that is 60 cals and a prune light thats 100 cals :) The full juice works best if you don't care about the extra cals :)
  • paintlisapurple
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    6 oz. of prune juice followed by a chug of water usually gets the job done! Good luck! :flowerforyou: <-- air freshener. :laugh:
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    Fiber. 40g a day. start tracking!