Advice for getting back on track? Pre-prepped meals, etc.

itsMcKay Posts: 131 Member
I've already lost this weight and gained it all back. 80 lbs. of my 110 lb. goal. So, here I am, trying to get serious about this again. But I'm finding food to be tough this time around.

My boyfriend is gaining weight and I am losing. We're like the Sprats. So, generally, I cook three portions for dinner and he gets two of them. That works for us. He works and we eat most of our other meals apart. I go to school and this semester it's all online.

This week, I'm loading up on tupperware containers for freezer and refrigerator portioning and cooking in advance. I've preloaded the recipes into MFP and have my meals planned for the next month. Took the whole day! Now I have to go shop and cook! ;p

If you can think of anything else at all that might help, any tips, tricks, supplies that would help, I'm all ears! Thanks in advance!


A little more info:

I work out in the gym 3x/wk. burning 250-500 calories using a HRM. I hike 1x/wk. burning 1000+. I eat back my exercise calories but sometimes not all of them on the high-burn days because it's just too much food.

My problem is late nights where my mind starts obsessing over my old favorites at the mere growl of my stomach.

When I lost the 80 lbs. before I was hungry all the time but content about it. Being hungry isn't painful. It's just distracting and annoying. But I felt so much better (and was way hotter) so it was worth it. Some people like to go around telling us we're doing it wrong if we're still hungry but some of us are just bottomless pits. So being hungry is a side effect of being fit.

I'm also picking up an electric kettle so I can start making chamomile tea when my cravings kick in late at night.

Anyway, sorry for the novel and thanks again for any input!