Knees hurt?



  • azulvioleta6
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    Could you need new shoes?

    I tend to go WAY too long between buying new shoes, and when I do that, my knees ache. The recommendation is getting new shoes every 350-500 miles.
  • nomad5326
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    I will tell you that I've been pain free for the past two months until I got sick last week and now my knees and other joints that have been injured hurt like hell for no reason. I am sure that the lack of motion on my part has allowed some tightening and swelling to occur somehow or maybe it's the bodies way of protecting. On the leg extension machine as well as the leg curl-My PT swears they are evil and cause more injuries, esp to those w/previous conditions because they isolate the joints and don't involve the core. I'm not a PT or a doctor, but I swear everytime I give in and go back to them, I am in pain again...someone shoot me if I fxxked up anything.
  • Heydew
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    Maybe it's a combination of the infection and 30 day shred....I just went to a Zumba class (I kept it pretty light) but now I'm home with the heat pack on it. Hopefully it will be back to normal soon!
  • ermand
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    Try picking up some glucosamine pills to help out your joints. I'm 6'5 and have terrible cracking knees and it has helped me lots.