Pregnant - goal settings?

Hi to all the pregnant women using MFP. When did you change your settings from maintain weight to gain weight during pregnancy. I am currently 11 weeks and have my settings set to maintain weight. I figure I would change it to gain 0.5 or 1 pound a week starting at 13 weeks? I haven't gained anything yet and figured that would start with the beginning of the second trimester. Or do I just leave settings at maintain and expect that weight gain will happen anyway. I am not using the calorie goals to limit what I eat in anyway currently, just to see what my current eating patterns are like.


  • Laurenjenai
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    I am on mfp to keep track of my cals and maintain a healthy weight for this pregnancy since i didnt do too well with my last 2. Right before i got pregnant i lost more than 55 lbs and i dont want it to be a struggle to get back to my pre pregnancy weight, but to answer your question... i recently looked it up and if your bmi was in the healthy range to start with than in the 1st trimester you should gain 1 to 5 lbs, so u can set your goals for the first trimester based on that. I am now in my second trimester amd they say that after the first trimester you should gain 1 lb a week. I set mine to .5 lbs, maybe i will change to 1 lb in Third trimester. I also used a special calculator to determine my recommended cal intake based on my pre preg weight, height, and activity level. Mfps suggestion was higher by like 100, so since i was in healthy bmi range and plan to exercise AT LEAST 3 times i week i set it 2177, but everyone is different. Look up some calculators and adjust as needed. Hope this helped.