Need Gym Motivation !

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Does anyone have suggestions/ for getting back to the gym?
After finishing my recent weight loss journey - down 23 pounds, I am physically ready to return to the gym but I have 0 motivation -

I used to go 5-6 days a week and I loved being there... now I have no desire.


  • HamsterManV2
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    Motivation is fleeting. It comes and goes like the wind. What you really need is discipline. Discipline is what gets you to go when you don't feel like going, but you go because it is in your schedule. You already know which days each week you will be in the gym because you made that commitment to yourself.

    The best way is to have a realistic program which you can commit to. Start off at 3 days a week and make sure you don't miss a session for the first 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, your habit builds and it becomes natural to continue it with less effort required. You can then choose to stay at 3 days/week, or increase it to 4.

    Going from 0 to 5 or 6 days is a huge investment and your willpower will wane and eventually will give out.

    TL;DR - realistic expectations and habits will get you where you want to be.
  • 999tigger
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    Wju not defise yourself soemthing different, new routines or even a spor to ive you variety and soemthing that could be more fun?