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I just started stage 2 of NROLFW but the workouts are annoying me, too many variations. I'm tempted to just start SL 5x5. I'm new to lifting and don't have a spotter but I'm ready to start on my own. Thoughts? Should I finish NRLFW or just jump into SL? TIA.


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    IMO, you've given NROLFW a good shot (you've been at it a month by now) and if you find it annoying you should switch. (Disclaimer: I think the NROLFW workouts are annoying too.) I can't imagine sticking out a 6-7 month program that I strongly disliked when there are other programs that are just as good that I do like.
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    Indeed, you can as it's your call. Stages 2 and 4 are same lifts but different reps/sets. Stages 3 and 5 are different lifts than those two but same as each other with types of lifts. I'm on Stage 5 now but am skipping Stage 6. But I kind of like some of the lifts it has introduced me to, so I have kept going.

    If you don't like it, no sense spending months forcing your way through.

    Edit: I should also admit I skip parts of it now though and have added a couple accessories. I don't do the body weight matrix most of the time and I got bored of the swiss ball crunches or the planks. I should do the planks at home, need to work on that when cat is outside. I didn't like not bench pressing or regular deadlift, so I work a couple of accessories in per session.
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    Thanks, ladies. I guess I was wondering if there are any foundational benefits to finishing NR since I'm new to lifting. Sounds like probably not.