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"Recipes" function of MFP - question

ashleypetrie4 Posts: 119 Member
edited June 2015 in Health and Weight Loss
So I've been using MFP for years now and I have only just discovered how helpful the "Recipes" feature can be! I cook so much and it's a total lifesaver to not have to calculate out myself how many calories each serving would be.

BUT.. I've been noticing that sometimes when I enter in a recipe, it will give me one set of nutrition facts/calorie values before I save and then slightly lower nutrition facts/calorie values.

For example, today I entered in a recipe for Broccoli Cheddar Bites and before I saved it told me each serving was 95 calories, but after I saved it, it said each serving was 90 calories.

Anyone know the reason for this?


  • greaseswabber
    greaseswabber Posts: 238 Member
    I've seen a similar change when entering a recipe. I don't know if I'm missing a step or it's just a bug. I enter a new recipe, see the nutrition info of each serving, and save it. Then I enter a serving in my diary and the values are different, often lower. If I go back to the recipe page and step through each part of the recipe like I am editing it, but don't change anything, and save it, the nutrition facts per serving are correct in the diary.
  • ashleypetrie4
    ashleypetrie4 Posts: 119 Member
    Yes, that's exactly what's happening to me! I'll try editing it.. thank you so much! (: