2 Years on MFP

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I started using MFP after I was asked if I was pregnant... 9 months after I had my 2d baby (10lbs!).
I lost about 50 pounds in my early 20's before kids, then lost 50 again pretty easily after my first baby. But it was much harder after my second. My babies were 20 months apart and my body was just tired!
But I got out there and kept at it, lots of running with the stroller, gyms with childcare and park workouts.
I've recently starting lifting which I love and take random classes at my gym, swim with my kids, and just try to be active every day. Thank you to all who have posted success stories, they kept me going!
Pregnant with my second, topped out at 220
A few months into working out and MFP, probably around 160-170
Today at 150 (I've recently put on a few pounds after lifting more)
A few months after having my 2nd baby
A few weeks ago (little leaner than now)


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