Diet To Go

I'm curious to know if anyone else is using Diet To Go? I've just finished my first week and I'm really enjoying it. The food is good and it's nice to take a break from meal planning for awhile.

I lost 50 pounds a couple of years ago eating less and moving more...yes it definitely works, but then a series of things happened and I got off track. Nobody to blame but myself. I was really struggling to get back on board tracking, had lost total perspective on how much I was eating, what a serving size was,etc... and after making half-hearted attempts going back to weighing and measuring everything, I decided to let someone else worry about that for awhile :)

I'm not advocating the program and this isn't an infomercial...I'd just like to connect with others on MFP who may be using DTG. This is a jump start for me and once I get acclimated to eating less and tracking again, I do plan on getting back to preparing my own meals again.