What are some rewards you give yourself after meeting your goals?

Heydew Posts: 54 Member
Im started off at 220 lbs and I'm now down to 198. Once I reach -30lbs (so 190) I'm going to reward myself with a Fitbit HR! Then when I reach my ultimate goal I want to get the inside of my arm tattoo! (I already have the outside done) what are some sweet rewards you guys have or will give yourself after some goals are met (big or small)


  • pariskathryn
    pariskathryn Posts: 173 Member
    I have similar rewards for myself! I started at 209, when I hit 190 I got myself some neat work out clothes. When I hit 180 I got myself a charge hr. Over the next 40 pounds I'll use more athletic gear (sports bras, socks, yada yada) and at 130 I'm getting a Lisa Simpson tattoo :)
  • 2bfit_2015
    2bfit_2015 Posts: 42 Member
    edited June 2015
    I added you (I started when I was 230 and now I am 195)
    This is something that definitely kept me motivated during this entire journey! I kept a list of all the things I wanted to do for myself once I reached certain milestones.
    1) -30 (200lbs) I got the bowflex machine ✔️
    2) -50 (180lbs) I want new weights so I can start lifting heavy
    3) -70 (160lbs) this one is more about spoiling myself!
    4) -90 (140lbs) I want a punching bag
    5) -100 (130lbs) full body make over, hair, cut, color, spa day etc I just want one whole day to celebrate myself and my amazingness! Then I want to go eat food haha jk
  • Imperfect_Angel
    Imperfect_Angel Posts: 220 Member
    I would like to book myself a holiday once I hit my goal weight of 150lbs. This is a promise I made to myself and I plan on sticking with it.

    I'm currently at 211lbs and for every 20lbs lost, I'm doing something special, maybe a HRM at 190lbs. A new purse at 170lbs and my holiday at 150lbs xx
  • Teanei
    Teanei Posts: 21 Member
    Maybe this is what I need to do, set a point to reward myself so here goes. I am currently 160. My goal is 150 and maintain. I've been at it since august 2014 and I haven't done it yet cause of bad habits.

    Reach 150: Finally buy myself a complete, cute workout outfit

    Maintain for 1 month: Custom floor mats for my vehicle.

    I'll set another goal for maintaining for another month when I get there or I may want to alter that goal a bit. I'll determine when I get there if that weight is good for me considering how I feel, health, and all that other good stuff.

    Thanks, OP.
  • ElizabethKalmbach
    ElizabethKalmbach Posts: 1,416 Member
    edited June 2015
    I tend to set fitness oriented goals more than I do weightloss goals. So when I had 10k steps, 5 days a week for close to an entire summer, I got myself a (used) treadmill for inclement weather. If I use the treadmill this whole winter coming up, I intend to drop the money on a nice new one with bells and possibly even whistles.

    Every 500 miles walked (per my fitbit) I get a new pair of shoes.

    When I finally pull a 225 deadlift, I'm totally getting some kind of celebratory t-shirt.

    And so on. :)
  • TakingBackForever
    TakingBackForever Posts: 564 Member
    These are mine though they have been changing as I go. I just started Yoga, so I want a mat now!

    *200 - Kitchen Scale
    193.5 (10%) - Etsy Bag
    190 - Yoga Mat
    185 (Overweight) - Head phones
    180 - Car detailed
    172 (20%) - Refrigerator
    170 - Dishes
    160 - Deep fryer
    155 (Normal) - Bath Towels
    150 (30%) - Stove
    140 - Wardrobe (shopping spree)
    1 month maintain - Tennis Shoes

    I also have Fitness Goals that I buy new workout clothes for completing.
  • JohnBarth
    JohnBarth Posts: 672 Member
    We're going to Hawaii next April for our 15th anniversary. I'm going Skydiving! Never been anywhere near the weight limit for something like that, so it's definitely time!
  • vixtris
    vixtris Posts: 688 Member
    Well I kind of think of this as a reward for my progress so far. Back in like, March or April, I bought tickets to go see a concert this July. Hopefully I'll be about 30 lbs down by that time. I would really love to go on a nice beach vacation when I get to my goal.
  • jamesha100
    jamesha100 Posts: 214 Member
    I started at 254 and am not going to give myself any rewards until 220 as I got down to 224 at the start of the year and then put it back on over the course of three months :(

    When I get to 220 I am going to get some new cycling shoes.

    Going below 200 will be massive for me so I am thinking of booking a cycling holiday to Rome. There is one in October where you get to ride around the major sites of Rome during the course of a 120km route.

    I would have to book it before I get under 200 though which kinda feels like cheating so I might do something else.
  • Asher_Ethan
    Asher_Ethan Posts: 2,430 Member
    I have a trip planned This Wednesday to next Wednesday and if I stay below my average calorie intake to maintain, I'm treating myself to a salon day with highlights and a hair cut.
  • rebeccaEsmith
    rebeccaEsmith Posts: 1,136 Member
    A trip to Thailand only 9 more weeks need to hit my next by goal down 7.5kg before the trip
  • PamelaD88
    PamelaD88 Posts: 38 Member
    These are some great ideas. I'm working on creating new goals for me.

    Also looking for some support so I did send some friend requests. I'm close to a lot of your measurements as well
  • BrittaniDirks
    BrittaniDirks Posts: 113 Member
    When I reached a 15 pound loss I got a new pair of shoes, other than that I'm not sure, I know for sure when I reach a 40 pound loss I'll prob need some new clothes, trying not to buy too many clothes until then! I started at 210, am now 195,and trying to get to 170 and then aybe 150 maybe lol!! but I would love to go to vegas!!
  • 2ledbetter
    2ledbetter Posts: 199 Member
    I thought when I lost under 200 (I'm 199) I would go on a Hot Air balloon ride, but I decided that would have only been for me when my family has been on this journey with me. I'm now trying to decide between a real bike or stationary one. But in 2 pounds I will also have lost 100 pounds. I think I might get a permanent for my hair. Haven't had one in 20 years, since before my son was born. It will also help me to get ready quicker after my workouts, I hope :). I thought I would buy clothes, but I find myself wanting to lose more weight first.
  • tesemarie
    tesemarie Posts: 37 Member
    I just reached my first big goal which was 33 lbs down-- my ore-pregnancy weight. I still have 46 lbs to go to get to my ultimate weight goal. When I get there, my husband and I and our 2 girls (7 and 2) are having a family photography session done. Our first real, professional and pricey one ;). I intend to get a shot of my husband carrying me-- like wedding threshold style. He's never been able to do that the whole time weve been married. The thought of that pic keeps me motivated :). I told him he better start hitting the weights for his arms though ;)
  • alias1001
    alias1001 Posts: 634 Member
    I'm saving up for a new wardrobe. Not particularly original but sorely needed.

    BTW, anyone have recommendations for petite professional clothing? Can't do polyester. :/
  • ccourcha
    ccourcha Posts: 316 Member
    Heydew wrote: »
    Im started off at 220 lbs and I'm now down to 198. Once I reach -30lbs (so 190) I'm going to reward myself with a Fitbit HR! Then when I reach my ultimate goal I want to get the inside of my arm tattoo! (I already have the outside done) what are some sweet rewards you guys have or will give yourself after some goals are met (big or small)

    I also am getting a fitbit hr for my 190 goal!!!!!!!!!! few more weeks, can't wait!
  • chrizzylicious513
    chrizzylicious513 Posts: 17 Member
    I will be making my list shortly. Please add me for encouraging and support...I need all the help I can get.
    My goal is 70 pounds.
    So I know for sure some workout outfits and a new wardrobe will be on this list...
  • chrizzylicious513
    chrizzylicious513 Posts: 17 Member
    How often do find that you should reward yourself? I see some people are rewarding every 20 pounds then others are on more of a timeline.
    Just wondering everyone's opinions while I try to figure out my goal/reward list.
  • SherryTeach
    SherryTeach Posts: 2,836 Member
    I am going to counter all this reward talk by saying that I don't believe in giving myself external rewards. It's already my money since I worked to earn it and I am already worth spending it on myself. Besides, I am not 12 and do not need to be bribed. The outcome is the reward. In any event, external rewards generally do not work for any tasks that involve creative and critical thinking or problem-solving. Yes, a reward can make my dog sit, stay, and heel, but they don't work very well for people. My reward is that I will hopefully live a happy, healthy life for quite a few more years.
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