Just got a Fitbit charge HR

Bshmerlie Posts: 1,026 Member
I just got my fitbit yesterday around 1:00pm and I have a couple of questions:

1. Last night I went to bed around 11:30pm and It says I only slept 4hrs 54 min last night from 1:54am- 6:56am. I did wake up for a little bit probably at the 1:54am spot. It had me asleep 18h 8 min during the day and 55 min between 7 and 8 pm while I was watching TV.

2. So far today I have been given a calorie adjustment of 170 based on my measured activity and its only 2:00pm. I haven't done any exercise and I've only walked 1785 steps. Why are they giving me an extra 170 calories to eat? Does this thing know what its doing?

3. Right now I when I press the button on the fitbit it show the time, steps, HR, distance, and then stairs. Is there a way to reorganize the order so when I push the button or tap the fitbit it comes up with the HR first? I read somewhere that there is a customize screen in our account folder but I don't see one.

4. I'm kind of having a regret on the purchase. I don't like that you have to push a button to see the HR. I wish it just stayed on. Does the Surge display the HR all the time or is it the same thing?

5. I've been losing weight very consistently before the purchase so I'm a little hesitant to trust it 100% with the whole calorie adjustment thing. Does everyone feel its pretty accurate. As an example yesterday on my workout day I ate 1400 calories (in) versus 2559 burned (out) which left me with 148 calories left. Am I supposed to eat that or half that or what?