Starting out at 360 pounds...

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Well, now down to 354 after my first three weeks on MFP! I came over from WW (started there at 420 pounds) where I hit a brick wall after a year...and I've been losing and regaining the same ten pounds for months on end now. I know people think it should be easy to lose weight at my size, but it definitely hasn't been for me. I just want to see some consistent downward progress again!

I'm using MFP's guided macros and goals, and my calorie target is set to 1930/daily.

Does anyone have any starter tips for someone with a very, very long way to go? :#


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    Support!! Add some friends here for support, encouragement & advice! The positivity in your newsfeed will help! Try to challenge yourself each day. I'm talking about things YOU struggle with - not what everyone else is doing. Focus on one day at a time - sometimes I have to focus minute by minute. Drink that water! It really is important for your metabolism! And, believe in yourself - you can do this!
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    slow and steady for the win and one day at a time!
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    Hey, I started at 330 100 days ago today. Currently I weigh 274. A couple tips for me.

    First, dedication. It is a long journey that you have to have patience and commitment for. While it may take a long time for you to reach your goal, it will only take longer if you fall off the wagon.

    Second, I set smaller goals for myself. My final goal is 160 lbs. So I split it up into 4 goals: 300 lbs, 250 lbs, 200 lbs, and 160. Then I set dates for each of the goals to try and reach. It helps make the task seem less daunting when your going "25 lbs to my next goal" instead of "135 lbs to my next goal"

    Third, make friends. I tend to not need support like some of the people on here, but I have to admit it helps to see other people who are successful. Most of the friends on MFP for me do not need to lose as much as me. However, there are several who do and have. Whenever I'm struggling I'll go on my friends list and look at the dozen or so friends I have who have lost 50 lbs or 80 lbs and even the 3 friends I have who have lost over 120 lbs. It helps when you see other people have done it.

    Stay dedicated and no matter what don't give up. Best of luck!
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    You can do it. I started 18 months ago at 367lbs. I'm at to 229lbs this week. Just find a good reason to do it and keep finding reasons all along your way to your goal.
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    Welcome BexGettinFit!
    Im 46 and have always struggled with diet. This time my body took the lead and shut me down. I made up mind that living longer is important to me and started making "life style changes". Its no longer a temporary diet that feel punishing but being able to earn what I eat and reward myself when I deserve it.
    Ive lost 75 pounds since December and feel I have found the right track this time.
    Good job JMC3Terp and pepfromla!! I appreciate reading your successful steps.
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    It can take a long time. Don't be seduced by the thirty million internet stories about people who "lost 100+ pounds in six months". They probably are fake stories or are people who will put the same amount of weight back on just as fast. Don't give up! Remember, you're making lifestyle changes, so make changes you can live with - small adjustments at a time until you find the winning combination.
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    Your calorie goal is set awful low; when I was at 360, I was eating around 2,360 and have lost an average of 2.8 pounds per week. This makes it less of a diet and more of a lifestyle change; you'll be able to sustain yourself longer without getting worn out from reduced calories. In addition, you're at a lower risk for adverse health effects (losing hair, etc).

    I set my activity level to sedentary (because I have a desk job), and eat back ½ my exercise calories (only when my Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) shows a burn of 1,000+). Every 10 pounds MFP offers to reset my target calories and I let it.

    Everybody has a tendency to think "I didn't eat that much." So weigh everything; seriously. If I eat an apple, I weigh it before and after. If I make cold oatmeal to eat, the empty bowl goes on the scale, and all ingredients get weighed. I don't weigh casseroles after they've been cooked, but I do measure the cuts with a 16" metal ruler and portion as accurately as possible. Of course, all fluids get measured with a cup measure.

    Don't try to eat only healthy foods. Enjoy ice cream, chocolate, whatever your "Poison" happens to be. Over time, I've started preferring healthier foods, but that is a change that may, or may not happen; don't force it to happen or you'll start to fall off the wagon.

    Drink plenty of water to make sure you are properly hydrated. Dehydration can be mistaken for hunger, so if you start to get hungry drink some water and see if that sates the desire.

    Finally, don't change too much at once or you'll burn out. I started with calorie tracking, a month or two later added cycling, a month or two later, started some C25K, etc.

    Good luck, and if you wish to add another that started at 300+ you can add me as a friend. My diary is open so you can see how & what I eat, and know that it works. There is also a 300+ Group Here that is fairly active, and is supportive.
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    Slow and steady! I feel like I am a perfect example of what will happen if you lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. Not even 2 years ago I went from 273 down to 194 in a matter of months. Now I am back up to 241. I feel as if I wouldn't of rushed and been unhealthy about my weight loss it would of lasted and I would of kept going. At this point my goal is only to get down to 199. Just out of the 200's. May I add you? I don't have as much weight to lose (truthfully I need to lose 100 pounds to even be in what would be considered "healthy" weight range - but I'm just going by where I was comfortable before) but I'm in this for the long run.
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    ScrAgnX wrote: »
    Your calorie goal is set awful low; when I was at 360, I was eating around 2,360 and have lost an average of 2.8 pounds per week.

    Hmmm. I'm guessing you're male, and probably taller than me? I used MFP's auto-recommendations for a 5'5" sedentary woman at 360 pounds with a 2lb/week loss goal, and 1930 is the target they gave me! Do you think I should I switch to custom goals and tweak it a bit?

    And thanks for the rest of your advice, what great info!

    Thank you to EVERYONE who has posted in this thread! You've all given a lot of very sensible and meaningful tips for me to take in, and I really appreciate it, AND the support!

    Please feel free to add me, I will take all the friends and inspiration I can get right now! Thank you!
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    I was 293 July 5th 2014 and I'm 253 as of this morning. It's been slow and steady for me with the assumption that it will be harder to put back on if I go wild one weekend.

    From the little bit I've learned its a bit tricky figuring out which route to take. Initially I'd say start off slow and aim for 1lb/week so you get used to the routine. If you're used to eating a lot, your body and mind will fight you if you drop it too low.

    Maybe a few months in, change it to 1.5 then 2 once you start seeing results.
    I used the custom goals with macros that were given to me by a personal trainer along with increasing my protein intake and trying to eat 3-4 times a day etc.

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    I started at 325, currently at 236 (-89 lbs), this has taken over 400 days so far.

    The best advice I can give is that consistency is key, but one missed day here or there isn't going to derail your progress, just like 1 day of great eating won't magically make you lose it all. Know that one of these weeks you won't lose weight, and that is okay, weight loss is not linear, so don't expect every week to show a loss, but if you've been honest with your logging, it will come down eventually, so keep the big picture in mind and keep logging.

    Having a good support system will also help, both IRL and MFP friends. Feel free to add me if you wish for some online support, however, as much as I love my MFP friends, having real life support through my spouse, friends & family has helped me so much. Don't be afraid to tell people your goals and tell them to help keep you accountable. Best of luck!
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    Welcome aboard!

    Don't want to be repetitive, but just do what everyone else on the thread is recommending - set small goals, make small changes and think marathon, not sprint.

    Stay positive, remove negative thoughts and people from your life and keep logging!
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    ScrAgnX wrote: »
    Your calorie goal is set awful low; when I was at 360, I was eating around 2,360 and have lost an average of 2.8 pounds per week.

    Hmmm. I'm guessing you're male, and probably taller than me? I used MFP's auto-recommendations for a 5'5" sedentary woman at 360 pounds with a 2lb/week loss goal, and 1930 is the target they gave me! Do you think I should I switch to custom goals and tweak it a bit?

    I would stick to 1930 if that's what MFP suggests and that's where you are comfortable. My guess is the person who said you were low assumed you were the same as him. Male, 30, probably about 6'. I think 1930 is fine. When I started (I'm Male/ 5'9"/ 24 y.o.a./ 320.8 s.w.), MFP told me to eat about 2300. I tended to eat an average of 1600 to 1800 and didn't eat back my exercise calories. It all depends what you eat, how you eat, and what works for you.