What's your excuse?

Weight loss is hard. Thinking about it all the time is hard.

It's hard in the summer when all I want to do is sit on sunny patios and drink beer and stay up late.

It's hard in the winter when it's dark by 4:30pm and all I want to do is eat comfort food and be a hermit and go to bed early.

It's hard in the spring when the weather is gloomy and rainy and wet and all I want to do is watch neflix in my pjs and take weekend trips away.

It's hard in the fall when you have tons of holidays and good food to look forward to and you're gathering with family and friends.

Point is, you will find a million excuses as to why you can't right now. These have been mine. But NOW is the time. Stop the excuses and be real with yourself. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way through any excuse. My Doc called me out on my excuses over a year ago and it was the best wake up call I ever got!



  • cwolfman13
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    I don't have any...I love fitness and nutrition.
  • TeaBea
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    Here's a favorite quote (by Cathe)

    Being overweight is hard. Losing weight is hard. Pick your hard.
  • fairy2b
    fairy2b Posts: 126 Member
    Haha! Yes! So true. Love it!!
  • JohnBarth
    JohnBarth Posts: 672 Member
    No more excuses. In the past, I didn't make too many excuses, I was just totally lazy.

    No more excuses. Finally accountable to myself!
  • CSARdiver
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    edited June 2015
    I used to make excuses. Once I stopped I made results :)
  • Vune
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    My excuse was hating myself and thinking I didn't deserve good health. I'm not sure how I thought I'd ever have a good life with that attitude.
  • kthompson601
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    I used to make so many excuses. I even made the excuse, "If I lose weight I'll be bony and then my cats won't lay on me"! What a ridiculous excuse!

    But I think the hardest "excuse" was thinking that by losing weight, I'd have to admit to myself how unhealthy and fat I had gotten. I didn't want to look in the mirror and admit that my weight was really out of control; if I started working to lose weight, that would be saying that all my past years were horrible, and I was horrible, and I couldn't accept that. Funny thing--once I started losing weight, feeling much better, and looking fantastic, I didn't really care about how unhealthy I had been. All that matters now is how well I've done, and how I'm going to reach my goals!
  • mbaker566
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    my excuse was just "it's not that bad"
  • DeterminedFee201426
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    I really never had an excuse.. I just had a very high lack of knowledge. I had alot of failures before(3xtimes). I was finally able to get started and get things rolling _>after I gained knowledge of fitness and better eating ..(Never really made excuses)
  • ladybarometer
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  • LateWinterWolf90
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    I actually quite enjoy exercising. especially since i discovered insanity videos on youtube because like hell i'm forking out for them have you seen the price of them. Its the equivalent of a months food shopping or a weeks rent. But tbh Shaun t insanity max30. Shaun is so motivational even from youtube (i never thought i'd say that)
  • noel2fit
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    My biggest excuse is that eating whatever I want doesn't add up that fast and the weight goes up and down quickly so I know if I gain it, no big deal I can lose it almost as fast... But I never get around to it! Soooo, tracking to keep myself honest and making better choices as much as possible! Plus exercising on the reg (for the first time in AGES). YAY!!!