Fitbit Surge: to buy or not to buy?

what does everyone think of this tracker/heart rate monitor thingamajig? I would like a wrist type heart rate monitor so I can get a better idea of my calories out.. But I am reading some reviews that say for intense exercises that it's junk or inaccurate etc... Would love to hear anyone's thoughts and opinions on this so I can make a dang decision- thanks in advance for your time!


  • pianoplaya94
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    I have a Fitbit flex and I LOVE it! I find it fairly accurate with the calories expended per day. However, I agree with other people in that it's not "generous" enough with the calories you burn when you workout. For example, I worked my butt off at the gym the other day. I did 45 minutes of intense cardio and I was sweating so much. Yet according to the bracelet I only burned 180 cals. Other than that though, I highly recommend! It's really cool... I'm obsessed. Everytime you hit little milestones and stuff the app will give u cute little stickers. But it's also great to make challenges for yourself (e.g I will wall 10 k atleast 3 days this week). My goal is that I will walk atleast 10 000 steps for 7 days in a row :)
  • lookingood247
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    I have the charge, no heart rate monitor. The fitbit app is amazing! Sure it's not always 100% accurate but what is really? The challenges with friends keeps me motivated! I'm a lil competitive ;) .
  • editorgrrl
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    I lost the weight & have maintained for a year using MFP + Fitbit. You can't get any more accurate than that.

    You still have to log everything you eat & drink accurately & honestly. When you connect an activity tracker, MFP adjusts your daily calorie goal to TDEE minus deficit.

    Fitbit challenges are great motivation—and fun! You can learn more in the Fitbit Users group: