working late..

Every time I work late all I want to is eat.. blah


  • HarleyQuinn34
    HarleyQuinn34 Posts: 38 Member
    I sit at a desk all day and snacking is the worst. I look around and people have cheetos and popcorn and candy...not to mention my job likes to provide pizza, doughnuts, cakes, sandwiches slathered in mayo haha...... it's the worst when you're trying to get healthy

    although last time they bought pizza my boss was nice enough to think of me and brought me a salad

    i tend to bring cut up cucumbers to work to snack on. no dip. they are filling and i can munch on them throughout the day
  • gainthatmuscle
    gainthatmuscle Posts: 50 Member
    Diets are hard. It is very hard to stay on track. I am an IT professional and I sit most of the day. I am also a body builder and I have the same issue with people eating junk around me.

    Stick to your diet and goals and when you meet them you will be so.proud of yourself that watching other people eat junk around you will not bother you anymore.

    Dieting is like a second job.