Leftovers and being healthy?

tenkides Posts: 151 Member
What can you do with leftovers? I usally have them every morning its rare for me not to have leftovers. I would like to reinvent my leftovers without eating to much? Please and thank you.


  • cwolfman13
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    I just eat my leftovers...I serve myself an appropriate portion of leftovers when I eat them.
  • jemhh
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    Same here. I just eat them.
  • kshama2001
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    With leftover Pad Thai I add veggies (and chicken if the restaurant skimped on it). I get five servings from one order this way.

    What are examples of the leftovers you find problematic?
  • lemurcat12
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    I often intentionally plan to end up with leftovers and bring them for lunch (often with a different veggie).
  • Kalikel
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    About half the foods in existence are repurposed leftovers. Look for recipes that use what you have leftover or just start throwing things together and see how they work out.
  • kommodevaran
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    I prepare the amount I'm going to eat. Sometimes that means dinner for two days, but no leftovers.
  • bmchenry02
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    What are your leftovers? If it's healthy then there's no problem. If it's always pizza and you can't resist the leftovers than there's your answer ;).

    I re use leftovers in a variety of ways but I love to incorporate them into breakfast. My favorite is making roasted veggies (zucchini, squash, mushrooms, red onion) for a dinner side dish and then added to omelette in the morning.

    Roasted sweet potatoes at dinner turns into a breakfast bowl of eggs and kale at breakfast.

    Leftover chicken, pork, turkey burgers gets tossed into salad or a bowl of lentils and cucumbers with red wine vinegar...

  • Lounmoun
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    I guess it depends on what you have for leftovers.
    Leftover meats could be put in a salad, sandwich, wrap, soup, casserole, eggs, stir fry, or on pizza. Leftover cooked vegetables might be good in a casserole, eggs, with pasta or added to soup. Leftover raw vegetables could be eaten alone, used in a salad or cooked.
    I use leftovers for breakfast or lunch but large amounts just go in the freezer for another meal.
  • tenkides
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    Ok thanks you