Form check

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As the thread title suggests, I'd like some opinions on my form.


  • DopeItUp
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    Not bad. Only major nitpick is I'd work on your depth a bit. Otherwise it looks pretty good at a glance.
  • DvlDwnInGA
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    Agree with Dope, looks good and you are just a bit high. I don't go ATG, so I am not saying you should either, but you are not breaking parallel either. Good thing that is easy to fix, just squat deeper.
  • Cherimoose
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    Proper form check music. :+1:

    I would go deeper too.. as far down as you can go. You may need to pull your knees out a bit.

    Use a weight that's makes you struggle for form check vids. It brings out form deviations that don't show up with lighter weight.
  • _benjammin
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    Yep, looks good, just a bit shallow.
  • vorgas
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    Overall solid. The angle makes it hard to say for sure on some of these:
    • Your walkout is big and chaotic. Get tight under the bar before unracking. Look up 3-step walkout. That will help prevent injuries as the weight gets heavier.
    • Looks like the weight is over the middle of your foot instead of over your heels.
    • Your wrists are puppy pawed under the bar. Wrist issues as the weight gets heavier.
    • Pull your elbows down to tighten up your rhomboids more.
  • MamaBirdBoss
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    Your wrists send chills down my back. LOL.

    The way you adjust after you step out instead of before--that might lead to danger when it's really heavy. I'd always get completely set right under the bar, take ONE step back from that, and then one step to the left and one to the right to get the width, if that makes sense.

    I personally messed up my knees a bit by not going down far enough and so not developing my muscles in a balanced way. You do look like you're going down a little past 90*, though, so that's good. I do not claim to be an expert on how low you SHOULD go. I was taught (wrong, I know, I know!!!) that going down too far is what's bad for your knees. Derp.

    I always did high bar, myself, but I don't trust my bad shoulders......I know low-bar is now in style/favor/whatever. I have no idea why--ignorance again!
  • skeo
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    Looks like you're stopping a bit short of parallel, and agreed with too many steps with the step out, also try and tuck your elbows in so they don't flare out so much, will help with keeping you "upright"
  • jmule24
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    DopeItUp wrote: »
    Not bad. Only major nitpick is I'd work on your depth a bit. Otherwise it looks pretty good at a glance.

    Agree - as it's been stated by others as well.

    FWIW - as you progress in weight your "walk out" will be important to work on also. There is a lot of "wasted" energy before you even start squating. Again, that will come with time. Until then, break parallel and keep at it!!!
  • 34blast
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    Some of the reps depth looks okay, some of them are high, they got higher on the last few. I couldn't tell about your grip but keep your wrist straight with thumbs over grip
  • shadow2soul
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback. :flowerforyou:

    Here's some virtual cookies for your time and as a huge thank you: