Issues with Garmin Connect - anyone else?

Not sure what's going on with my Garmin Vivofit and MFP, but I just disconnected the two because I'm getting some WEIRD calorie amounts from Connect. I usually sync it a few times a day and lately, I've noticed that it takes an extra long time to show up in MFP after I do that and every so often, I will get some WILD estimates for exercise in MFP from my steps.

For example, today, I synced it and all of a sudden, MFP gave me -790 calories for exercise (I had negative adjustments enabled) on the app, but then I looked on the website and had +790 calories. Yeah, I haven't walked anywhere near 790 calories on any given day. Some days when I've met my steps goal, I've gotten a number in MFP that's obviously wildly over-inflated (I know I'm not getting 380 calories for meeting my steps goal one day when the same steps netted me 127 calories the day before).

I mostly do the syncs for my own knowledge and if I do eat back any 'extra' exercise calories, I don't eat very many, so it's not hindering anything (I've had a steady, consistent loss over the past 6 weeks), but it's kind of frustrating not to be able to get accurate counts from Garmin to MFP. I guess I could sync once a day in the evenings and just enter my exercise manually (I've done that a few times), but it's one of the perks of the Vivofit for me, so I'd like to be able to use it.


  • MHTret
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    Hi - I use Garmin Connect with a VivoActive and haven't had any issues syncing with MFP -- all counts have synced quickly and accurately throughout the day. Hope it straightens out for you soon -- I'd be lost without the combination of fitness tracker and MFP!
  • spatulamom
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    Thanks! I hooked it back up just to see if I could figure out what was going on and it gave me too many calories again (308 when I'd not even met my steps goal), but after a few minutes, it had adjusted down to just over 100. So I suspect it gets it right eventually, but there's an issue when they first communicate. Really hoping it'll adjust each time because I love having that data. I'd been considering upgrading to a Vivosmart but I don't want to do that if it's going to be just as inaccurate.