can someone please look at my dairy?

I am having some issues with not matching my nutrition requirements. I know i haven't been doing this long. I wondering what I should be doing different. Because of not meeting my requirements should I take a nutritional supplements? I eat meat with every meal but I'm still not meeting the requirements. I have been trying every thing you guys have been suggested on other posts but it's still not working. Also I have heard a lot of people say that taking magnesium every day can help with the side effects of working out and trying to lose weight. Is this true? Please and thank you.


  • Annie_01
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    I only went back a few days but some of your entries are not accurate. One day you had mac and cheese and it didn't show any carb or fat grams.

    Also on your beef and nachos unless that was your recipe you used a generic entry of a homemade recipe.

    Wow...I never knew Jewish pickles and so much sodium! Your sodium levels are high and it appears that most of your entries are fast food.

    To help with my protein levels I eat a greek yogurt that has 12g.

    IMO...instead of worrying right now about meeting your macro/micros I would spend some time trying to maybe not eat quite so much fastfood and making sure that you are using correct entries when you log. Some of them just didn't seem correct.

    Once you get that going then add another step to this process. Maybe you are just trying to do too much too quickly.
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    Actually you don't eat meat with every meal and eating a half ounce of meat is not enough. Try to eat about 4 - 6 ounces of meat with every meal, a cup of veggies and then have some discretionary carb like fruit, potato, rice or cake. I see you tend to go for packaged foods - there are cans of tuna, chicken or frozen prepared proteins and veggies also if you don't like to cook. They tend to be high in salt so increase your water intake to flush out the extra salt.

    Magnesium is a good supplement to take if you are having leg cramps at night or you have constipation but it won't help with fat loss. Not sure what side effects of working out you are referring to - soreness? Arnica gel might help you - I have friends who swear by it but it doesn't do anything for me.
  • tenkides
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    Thanks. I don't always have fast food or pagaged food. It has been manly the last two weeks because of pay day.
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    How does one go about eating 1/4 of a drumstick? Why wouldn't you eat the whole thing. Getting enough protein is very important to maintain muscle, while in a deficit.
    Start using a food scale and not cups OR generic entries, as they are inaccurate. Additionally, if you could cut back on processed foods, you would get more bang for your buck.
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    Stop guessing your food. 1 tsbp of Nutella can be anywhere from 80 calories to 180. Your cup of Mac'N Cheese could be 500 calories too, depending on how it was prepared.

    And 10g of cake... really? and 1/4 of a drumstick?

    Basically, your logging is extremely sloppy, you're eating too much processed food, and your protein is too low.

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    tenkides wrote: »
    Thanks. I don't always have fast food or pagaged food. It has been manly the last two weeks because of pay day.

    I understand you're only 18 and maybe haven't figure out yet how to budget your money. Eating fast food as much as you do is far more expensive that buying groceries and preparing them yourself.

    I have seen as site given in these threads called budgetbytes...

    Take a look at that and see if you can find some inexpensive meals to cook.

    Cook enough at one time to last you 2 or 3 meals. Potatoes, carrots, cabbage and many others are fairly inexpensive and you can make them go a long way.

    Good luck and keep trying. You'll get it...