Strange Food Combinations



  • sw33tp3a11
    sw33tp3a11 Posts: 4,646 Member
    Coconut ice cream with Dorito chips.... amazing!
  • tat2cookie
    tat2cookie Posts: 1,902 Member
    I like my burger with cheese, bacon, green chili, an over easy egg, and peanut butter.

    Maple bacon cookies

    Chocolate cake with beer buttercream

  • Mischievous_Rascal
    Mischievous_Rascal Posts: 1,791 Member
    Peanut butter & potato chip sandwiches.

    Toast with jam and cheese.

    Tuna mixed with hummus instead of mayo.
  • fr3smyl
    fr3smyl Posts: 1,418 Member
    Soup with bananas

    Only if it's green bananas or plantains
  • fr3smyl
    fr3smyl Posts: 1,418 Member
    Cheese and jam sandwiches

    Pimento cheese and jam sandwiches yum! Or swiss or provolone. ...Okay any cheese
  • zebacuff
    zebacuff Posts: 39 Member
    Peanut butter and horseradish on matzo (or other thin crackers)
  • MissRheingold
    MissRheingold Posts: 2,013 Member
    cottage cheese and apple sauce
  • finny11122
    finny11122 Posts: 8,436 Member
    bacon and beetroot sandwich
  • Fitnessflexibility
    Fitnessflexibility Posts: 795 Member
    You're all pregnant :neutral: haha

    I'm amazed how many people put banana with everything.

    I'm tiring to think of something crazy I like together... Fish with salsa is the only thing I can think of, I can't play here I guess haha
  • Owlie45
    Owlie45 Posts: 810 Member
    Speghetti with ranch. The look of disgust I get from everyone is hilarious!