Meal Replacement Bars

danaberge Posts: 117 Member
What is a good meal replacement bar that works for you? Right now I use the Met Rx one's because I get them on sale at the store. I was wondering which bars are best and why??


  • howardheilweil
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    Why not eat real food? Just curious... Those things are typically very processed and have tons of chemical/additives.
  • cxdyer
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    Kind Fruit bars and LaraBars are a healthier alternative, if that interestes you. Bars are great when you are on the go, I add fresh fruit or veggies when I have them as a meal replacement.
  • Alphastate
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    I like most Balance Bars. They are always on sale for a buck at my grocery store, and some have close to 20 grams of protein.
  • lockmand
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    Saturday, we had a club show and that keeps us busy from 7 AM til 5 PM. We can grab an apple or a meal bar and a bottle of water or beverage, and that is about all we have time for. I carried a Herbalife meal bar and some green tea. When I eat those, I know I am getting my nutrients and they fill me up. I do not get hungry for hrs afterward. It tastes good too!
  • Francl27
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    I love quest bars, but I wouldn't eat them as a meal replacement, just as a snack.
  • danaberge
    danaberge Posts: 117 Member
    The reason I need Meal Replacement bars is that I work in a very busy office. I do not get a lunch break. Fruit isn't always satisfying for the entire day from 9am-5pm. I do eat breakfast in the morning but I don't want to go home starving and get off track. Especially when i'm usually making two different dinners. SO for ... MET RX 100 has been working.. but it's filled with sugar. However.. I feel very satisfied and not hungry ... and when I get off of work and I can think straight and have a balanced meal. I tried bringing lunch with me to work... it's a struggle on what to make, pack and bring. I have a lot (too much) on my plate and need a quick (no brainer) lunch.

    Thank you!!

    I think i'll try quest. They seem to be lower in sugar. Or I did do some research on organic meal replacement bars... but didn't know if anyone uses them. Just wondering.
  • jen_zz
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    Sometimes I will eat two Quest bars as lunch.
  • christianteach
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    Most days I will eat a protein bar for breakfast, either Quest, Oh Yeah!, Pure Protein, or Detour bars. I don't like many healthy breakfast foods and protein bars and quick and easy. I also like them for snacks.

    As for the person that asked why not eat real food, I would never get in all my protein per day if I relied on getting it all from food.
  • thisismeraw
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    Why not bring cut up fruit, veggies and some rolled up lunch meats or cut up chicken/turkey breast for lunch? You can than just snack on it throughout the day. You don't have to eat a typical lunch. Most of my lunches at work were ones that I could just grab a bite here and there of when I had a chance. Make sandwiches but cut them into smaller pieces so it's easier to eat.

    All meal replacement bars will have a decent amount of sugar along with other crap. I personally wouldn't go for those as they are less nutrients than something you can make on your own... You can make a lunch that you can eat at work.