Is It Possible to Lose While Maintaining?



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    You also should track your body fat percentage. Your weight alone is not a good assessment, especially when you are now starting with weight training. It's possible to lose fat and gain the same weight back as muscle. Then you don't lose weight. But if, at the same time, the amount of fat in your body is dropping, you are still losing fat (while also getting thinner).

    Being overweight is not so much a problem of pure weight, but of having a body composition with too much fat. Your main goal should be to change that composition. You can buy a scale that will do that measurement. It will give you an estimation. These scales are not very accurate. But they will show you if the amount of fat is rising, or falling.

    Last but not least there is water. It's possible that your body stores additional water. There are many reasons why that could be the case. That's why its important to also measure the amount of fat in the composition of your body.
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    The definition of Maintenance is the process of maintaining or preserving someone or something, or the state of being maintained. If you have met your goal and are attempting to stay within that decided range of (blank) pounds great, but you can't be in maintenance and want to continue to lose 8+ pounds unless you are following the recommendations above for continued weight loss. You may decide before you get to 8 pounds that you've lost enough by how you look and feel. My goals had changed several times. Then continue looking at the numbers again. Good luck.
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    So eat the calories MFP gives you to lose .5 lbs per week.


    That's exactly what I'm doing. On weekends I eat much higher, on week days I'm much more strict. It's worked for me for just over one month, I've only bounced up and down 2 pounds at any given time. "Mainten-losing" I guess.
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    If you are eating at a deficit, then you are not eating at maintenance. The 2 are mutually exclusive.
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    SW- 171 pounds
    CW- 128 pounds
    GW- 120 pounds

    I switched to maintenance because I hit a plateau and thought maybe a switch would help. It's only been a week, maybe not even, on maintenance. I still have 8 pounds left to lose but is it possible to lose on maintenance or do I have to switch back? Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated! xoxo

    Congrats on the loss so far!