Friends w/ Similar Stats

Hello! I'm always looking for friends w/ similar stats so I can get a really good idea of what I'll look like as I progress or see what has worked for women similar to myself. I'm 5'6, 27 years old, and have been a member of MFP since 2013. I started at 242 lbs and currently bounce between 203 and 211. I work a desk job during the day and am a part-time retail associate on nights and weekends. My preferred methods of exercise are walking and lifting weights. I carry my weight primarily in my belly. I am large busted and slim in the hip with an unfortunately flat bum. One of my major concerns is the shape of my stomach as a progress towards my goal weight of 155. Currently, I'm focused on getting to 199 and out of the 200's for good. I'm an active logger and I also have a Facebook page to share more in depth pics, tips, tricks, and setbacks. Feel free to add me!