New Gym Plan 5/3/1

Hello Everyone.

I am hoping to get some input on my new workout plan. I'm doing the 5/3/1 and mixing in some cardio. Here's the schedule:

S Run 6 miles
M Deadlift
T run 3 miles
W Bench (maybe run)
T Squat
F off
S Press (maybe run)

How's that look? I'm worried about the effects of sandwiching DL's w/ cardio, but my work schedule forces this. Thoughts?

As for assistance on lifting days, I plan on doing 3 per day at 5/10

Mil Press Day (shoulders/tris)
Mil Press 5/3/1
Rev Flys
Dips or CG Bench
OH Extension

Deadlift Day (Back/Bi's)
DL 5/3/1
Kroc Rows
Chin Ups
Hammer Curls

Bench (Chest/Traps)
Bench 5/3/1
DB Incline

Squat (legs)
Squat 5/3/1
Leg press
Leg curl
Calf Raises

My Goal is to increase strength/muscle while limiting fat gain, just got off a cut.

Please let me know what you think.