Running problem

I used to run everyday when growing up. I even have a medal from a contest. I used to go for long walks last summer and it was fine. Then I started running and it was fine also.

This summer, I can no longer run. I don't know why, after 5 minutes of jogging, my gag reflex is activating and I feel like I'm gonna throw up. I can no longer breathe and I need to stop immediately. I tried around 5 times, jogging slower, breathing carefully etc and yesterday I went for a run again and I just couldn't continue.

I have acid reflux, I take a pill for that in the morning. I don't know if it affects anything. I had eaten a banana in the morning and drank coffee and a little water. I went for a run about one hour after that.

Any ideas what's happening? I don't know what I'm doing differently.


  • msf74
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    You're suffering from the effects of detraining but you are still trying to run as hard as you did when you were trained at a guess.

    Slow down and build up methodically. The good news is it will take less effort to build back up to your baseline than someone who never trained in the past though.
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    Given your intro I agree with the above. It's not uncommon for former runners to go back to it with visions of their past clouding their pacing judgement.

    Been there, done that LOL

    Slow down. If you can't hold a conversation with yourself out loud while you run, you are still running too fast.