Tall ladies with 25+ lbs to lose; where are you?


I'm 22 years old, looking to lose roughly 60-75lbs. My start weight was about 220-225 and I am at 215 now. Feel free to add me if you like! I am looking to connect with people on a similar journey, but all friends are welcome!


  • carolynjohle
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    (Am also 5'10''-5'11'')
  • PoeticGem
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    I'm 5.7" don't know if that qualifies as "tall" to you :) I had 110 pounds to lose and am down 35. I'm 49, but I'm young at heart ;)
  • Kekibird
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    5'9" here and about 204 lbs down from 210. I'm trying to get out of the 200s and my goal would be 170. I'm 34
  • vsertic
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    5"11, started at 230, now at 182, goal weight is 155. I just turned 30 :smiley:
  • 2wise4u
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    I'm 5'9" and started at 215 now at 203 with an ideal wt of 145. Anyone, feel free to add me. My diary is open. :smile:
  • sannad23
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    Hi ladies! You are all doing better than me! :) I am 5'10" and at 254. I would like to be under 200 lbs and I started at 275. I love how I can be so honest on this site and no one judges me. Well, they may judge but they don't know me so it doesn't bother me. I never used to discuss my weight with anyone. Being tall always made me the biggest one no matter what. If anyone would like to be friends let me know and we can encourage each other!!
  • glassofroses
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    I say 5ft9, everyone else says 5ft10, my SW was around 220ish but on here 211, and my CW is 203. I want to get down to about 154. :smiley: Oh, and I'm 26.
  • apennock
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    5'10", currently between 215-220. Looking to eventually get back down to 160 or so and go from there. First looking forward to getting out of the obese category in 20 lbs or so! I'm about 10 lbs down from my heavist so still a ways to go, but slowly but surely we'll get there!
  • RosieRatchet
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    Just had my second baby in April. I'm 5'10" and was 202lbs after the birth. Now I'm at 180. Breastfeeding is helping for sure, just need to get more (or any) exercise in! Goal is 150.
  • mmmskyler
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    According to my doctor, I'm 5'9; according to every other measurement I've had since I was 18, I'm 6 foot even. I weight 180 (down from 220 in February of 2014) and trying to make it back to 135. I used to work out every single day and LOVED the power & strength I felt I had after a good 4 mile run. But, like so many do, I've fallen on and off the band wagon. I'm back on this time as I prepare for my wedding and honeymoon in late October. Good luck, ladies!
  • dontgiveup2319
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    Hello, I'm 5'8.5 and weigh 203. I'm wanting to lose 60+ lbs. I used to weigh 120 lbs but I don't want to be skin and bones. Good luck to everyone :)
  • azulvioleta6
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    (Am also 5'10''-5'11'')

    Me too. I started at 300, am currently at 209 and would like to get to 190. Actually, I would be ecstatic to weigh 200. :)
  • jenseat
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    I am 34, 5'9", with a sw of 237, cw of 225, and gw of 175. Love hearing from people in a similar boat!

  • ald783
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    I'm 5'11 1/2, started at 310, currently at 194, goal is 182 or so but my body has been preferring my current weight for the past 3 years (which is to say I like beer too much :p . I'll be 32 next week.
  • dbienz
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    Just under 6'... Most of my life weighed around 150-160 as a competitive volleyball player. During a rough time in 2014 I got up to 208 :disappointed: Currently down to 186 but my goal is 150 again!
  • Cambria76
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    I am 6'...lost 55 (gained tons of muscle) and my goal is another 75. I just turned 39...oh and I will be 39 forever!
  • Gska17
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    I'm 5'8 and am at maintenance but I just want to say you are really pretty, @carolynjohle! :)
  • kaniob
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    5' 9.5" started at 200, down to 191, goal 155. Feel free to add me!
  • nataki6
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    So, not sure how this work as far as keeping in contact with people in order to help each other; but, here goes, in a matter of years I went from 148 to 183. In a matter of months, I went from 203 to 228 (yep, up not down), I'm 5'8", my goal is 155. I'm 40, but, I feel like I'm 25 (well, that's until I see an actual 25 year old, and then I just feel foolish).
  • stephylynn190
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    (Am also 5'10''-5'11'')

    Me too. I started at 300, am currently at 209 and would like to get to 190. Actually, I would be ecstatic to weigh 200. :)

    I'm right there too! I'm 5'10"-5'11" and my highest weight was 293, current weight is 210, and goal weight was 190 though now I'm thinking more like 175 (high "normal" BMI) so my Dr. will get off my back. At this point I'm just dying to get on the scale and see a number that begins with a 1! haha Anyone here have a before and after photo of a little over 200 to 170ish that they would like to share for inspiration?