IBS/D Sufferers: low FODMAP diet?

Are there any other Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBD sufferers who follow a low FODMAP diet?

I have an appointment with the dietician in September when we'll go through it more fully but I'm trying to do as much as I can on my own for right now.


  • paulakid2014
    paulakid2014 Posts: 1 Member
    I followed it and got great relief. I was very strict at the start only eating what was in it. :)
  • DuckDynastyMakesMeLaugh
    If you have and iPhone there is an app that is handy.
  • CountessTanzanite
    CountessTanzanite Posts: 2 Member
    I have just started my 4th week. My hardest thing is finding something to drink as I detest water. The food part is easy, especially considering (I think it is wheat) cutting out wheat has greatly relieved my pain killer intake. Not finding it is helping my insides yet, but I am never text book ... There is really find information on RPAH site if you Google, and I bought the Monash University FODMAP app. Do it!!!!
  • alli_baba
    alli_baba Posts: 232 Member
    I second getting the Monash University app -- it is super helpful!

    I also recommend getting the book, "The Complete Low FODMAP Diet" by Sue Shepherd PhD and Peter Gibson MD. The recipes stink (at least in my opinion), but the first part of the book is helpful in understanding the diet and how rigorous you need to be (many people can tolerate some high FODMAP foods but you have to be careful about portion size). Also, the first part has great suggestions for eating out (the hardest part, I think).

    The FODMAP diet really helped me. At first, I lost 10 pounds (which I didn't want to do) because I had trouble finding things to eat, but then I got the swing of it. I try to keep it simple by eating mainly whole foods like salads, fruit, and fish with the occasional gluten-free treat. I find that most prepared foods have at least one or two offending ingredients (going FODMAP, you spend an inordinate amount of time reading food labels :-)

    Anyway, good luck!!