workout plans?

I am 4 ft 8,136lbs, goal weight is 110. I only have dumbbells at home. I would like a workout plan to get healthier. I am sedentary. I have tried to work with but i can't find anything without equipment. Can someone please suggest a site that will help me with this? Please and thank you for posting.


  • tenkides
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    I can't get a gym membership.
  • jjburger77
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    There are a lot of videos out there where you just use your body weight or dumbbells. Some people swear by the Beachbody products like P90x, Insanity, or 21 Day Fix. I did some of the Biggest Loser stuff early on. What's great about videos is that you don't have to come up with a program on your own.
  • tomatoey
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    Options . Navigating the site can be a little annoying, so: - how to plan a workout - templates - exercise directory. Click on a body part; bodyweight exercises are on the right. The ones in bold font are most effective for that body part. - good general info
  • lorenswan
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    I highly suggest Nike Training Club App. It has a diverse list of exercises as well as programs that can fit your needs. That said. About equipment. I STILL dont own a yoga mat and I've done yoga and pilates for years. In india and china oftentimes people workout on carpet or even a bath towel. No trouble there. About weights. A cheap solution is finding gallon jugs with a sturdy handle (you can get a gallon water jug for a buck anywhere) then filling it appropriately. A gallon of water gives you ~8lbs which is perfect for most workouts on NTC for beginners. Most medicine balls are either 5 or 8lbs. You'll want to eliminate some water. Easy peezy and just use a jug there as well. Think creatively. A chair works well as a bench for elevated exercises. So does a wall.
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    I suggest 21 day fix. Everything is laid out for you. what to eat how much to eat and easy short workouts that burn cals. I'm starting a group where a bunch of us will be doing it together. Message me for more details. I've lost about 13 in the last month with this program so its totally a great option.