Need some advice to lose 8kg to 10kg and 3 inches of waist .. Need help especially with nutrition

A quick overview of me at the moment (25/07):

Weight: 78kg
Height: 5' 8'
Body fat: 21%
Waist: 32 inches.
Upper arm (biceps + triceps): 12 inches
Hips: 22 inches.
Calfs: 15 inches

Drop my weight to less than 70kg.
3 inches of my waist i.e. 29 inches.

Achieving the above is where I need help especially with my nutrition .... I've expanded on this further down the post ..

Current pictures:






Current training plan and objectives:
Having completed put in close to 8 weeks of endurance training in order to complete a 10k marathon I was able to do so 2 weeks ago but this affected my lifting and HIIT cardio training in the gym.

I'm to participate in another 10k in two weeks and hopefully another in October.

I'm following this training programme but this time I intend on balancing it properly with lifting and HIIT cardio training in the gym so below is my training plan for the next 8 weeks.

Monday: No training due to work reasons
Tuesday: All pro's full bodyworkout
Marathon training as per marathon plan
Thursday: All pro's full bodyworkout
Friday: Rest
Drop sets (only once a week) - see here for details

Marathon training as per marathon plan
All pro's full bodyworkout

Marathon training as per marathon plan[/url

My current nutrition:

It's been mixed in the last 6 months .. but I'm looking at going back to the way it was towards the end of last year where I roughly consuming 1700 - 1800 calories .. a the moment I'm fluctuating really badly between 1500 - 2500 (mainly due to falling to cravings which I was in control of jsut 6 months ago) and the only thing keeping my weigh and waist line from expanding any further i believe is the outdoor running/cardio i've been doing .. I fear come the winter months whereby I most likely will reduce my outdoor running ...

Have a look at my diary for more ..