Help! I'm gaining weight!

So I started Body Beast last monday. I'm drinking one cup of protein shake after exercise. I'm eating about 1600 max a day and working out daily (maintenance). I checked my weight today, I have gained 4 pounds. How do I make sure I'm not gaining fat and just building muscle? Should I decrease my calorie intake? This is a little scary for me. How much weight would I gain if I'm building muscle? Isn't it too soon to gain weight after one week? I checked my body fat percentage on a scale, it was 20.8, it went down to 20.6


  • sarahmcs65
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    Hi I'm no expert but I guess it could be what food you are eating? More protein for recovery of muscles than pasta or bread, but you sound like you no what ur doing by what you posted,
    That's prob no help but I didn't like to read ur post and not try to help :) sorry
  • madhatter2013
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    You just started a new workout. You're retaining water. It'll pass. Don't freak out.
  • Natural_Mystic
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    What type of protein? How many calories are in it? Carbs? Fat? check that
  • 3bambi3
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    You just started a new workout. You're retaining water. It'll pass. Don't freak out.

  • karenkasbi
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    The protein shake I'm drinking is called chocolate love magnum uatro. 140 calories 30g protein per serving, 2g carbs and 0.5g sugar. I have very healthy habits though. I drink coconut milk with protein cereal for breakfast or eggs or banana. I cook for lunch, no bread or pasta or anything fatty. I cook rice with meat, potatoes, chicken breast, lentil, beans and other healthy stuff and I eat in a very small plate. Usually I drink raw vegetable juice for dinner or eat a small plate of leftovers.
  • Mike02209
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    I have been having similar issues as well, I started strength training a couple of weeks ago and have gained about 2 pounds. My hope is that the gains are a combination of water retention and muscle growth and hopefully a little fat loss. My belt is getting looser (slowly) so I just have to be patient, once the initial shock of a training change is overcome (inflammation/ water retention/ muscles that have been overlooked in other routines being taxed) I think the scale will start going down once more. It sounds like you are doing everything right, trust the process.
  • le4hbe4h
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    You probably need to up the cals if you are trying to gain muscle.

    Weight gain is just your body adjusting to your food intake and can take 3 weeks to settle.