Hello, just got on here...

Long way to go, but I'm focused on enjoying the trip as well as the "final destination". I'm also trying to fix some health issues like excema/psoriasis.

I'm off to a good start but this time I want to follow it trough until i'm happy about my body, mind and soul.

Any things that you can tell me from your successes on here. What is that ONE thing that you think is most important to succeed?

Greetings, Ísar Logi


  • brandi712
    brandi712 Posts: 407 Member
    Welcome and best of luck to you on your journey.

    One thing: Log every bite you put in your mouth
  • lopez49ers
    lopez49ers Posts: 3 Member
    Stay focused , this is your transformation. Good luck
  • CarlosSoriano
    CarlosSoriano Posts: 12 Member
    Never ever lose focus of what your doing this for