I finished Insanity! (pics)

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It feels SO good to say that! Anyways, I kind of ramble before I get to the point lol so feel free to scroll down for the pictures! :p

I've seen many Insanity progress pics on the forums and some from my own friends' list and everyone has got such great and drastic results! Congratulations to all of you! My results, on the other hand, were not as great as I was expecting nor as drastic, butttt some very motivating and kind friends of mine convinced me otherwise, and hey - small progress is still progress! I feel like I could've gotten more out of Insanity had I stuck to my good eating habits and regular routine (I got off track for 1-2 weeks after a perfect 7 weeks of the program - program is 9 weeks total), but I am still happy that there are some good results.

And with that, here are some progress pics taken on the first (March 24) and last (June 8) day of Insanity:



I don't have measurements from the first day of Insanity nor do I have many actual full body pics from around that time. I did find measurements I took 2 months earlier though (end of January), and some pics to compare. I wore the red dress for my birthday party in January (although keep in mind I was a bit bloated from alcohol haha) and the one on the right was taken a few minutes ago:



Inches lost since end of January:
Left thigh - same
Right thigh - lost 1 inch
Hips - lost 2 inches
Waist - lost 3 inches
Bust - lost 4 inches
Left arm - lost 1 inch
Right arm - lost 1.5 inches
... for a total of 12.5 inches lost so far :D with these inches, I've also lost about 12 pounds

I'm definitely not done yet - still a work in progress but I'm fairly happy with my results so far :) Next up for me is Stronglifts 5x5 - day 2 tomorrow! I want to get my body fat down to 20-22% (current is 25% according to fat2fit ratio) or get down to 120 pounds. I will be happy with losing inches though and toning up! This post is getting pretty long haha so if you have any questions about other details, like my calorie or food intake, Insanity NSVs, or more about what I'm doing next, feel free to send me a message!

Anddddd last but not least, I want to thank all my MFP friends who supported me on my Insanity journey and my journey so far!! There have been those who consistently pushed me, motivated me, and inspired me. I hope you know who you are <3 THANK YOU for giving me the energy, drive, and motivation to DIG DEEPER every day!

"Your body can stand almost anything. It's your MIND that you have to convince."

Stay strong MFP, you are all amazing! <3


  • crystal_oo
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    You look great! I can tell you worked hard- it shows :) It takes a LOT of will power to do insanity- I'm impressed!
  • AmyMooreOrLess
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    I see BIG changes! Good for you, girl! You must feel so good. I finished Insanity in Dec. 2010. Didn't lose any weight, just a few inches though as my diet at that time wasn't finely tuned. Congrats!
  • adioschubs
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    You can definitely see the change between dress pictures!
  • quellybelly
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    Yay I'm glad the changes are somewhat noticeable! Thank you so much! :)
  • VeggieKelli
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    I just started Insanity so I am very thrilled to see that other people have gotten results. You look FANTASTIC, a lot more toned! Great work! Very inspiring to keep going with it. :)
  • quellybelly
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    Definitely stick with it! I saw my best results when I was following the program as well as watching what I ate. Good luck with it!
  • Great job girl.. you can definately see the results...NO one will ever take that away from you PLUS u finished the program...that says alot! i could never commit to it.... i did it randomly only bc i loved the wkouts. So you COMMITMENT means alot and guess what..it shows!
  • Jeeto115
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    When did you start noticing changes in the two months of Insanity?
  • autopilot_on
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    Absolutely incredible results. Congratulations!
  • quellybelly
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    When did you start noticing changes in the two months of Insanity?

    Around week 3 of the first month, and then again in weeks 1 and 2 of the second month
  • Jeeto115
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    I just started week 3 of first month. I hope I notice some changes too.....def. need to see some changes...starting to lack motivation.

    You did great!!
  • delvin2
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    Great work! Insanity got me to where I am. Just started P90x. Compared to Insanity, so far it's a walk in the park.
  • bunbunzee44
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    Nice results :) your tummy is much flatter!
  • hollygparr
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    Oh dear. You'll going to ave to buy a new dress now- that one is much too big for you now!!
  • quellybelly
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    Yay thanks everyone:)

    @jaz I definitely plan on buying MULTIPLE new dresses when I reach my goal! lol
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    Awesome! I'm buying that program now! I kept saying I wanted to but so busy and just haven't gotten off my keester! Need some motivation and your results are a GREAT one!!!
  • walterP33
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    Good job, thanks for sharing your progress! And AND you have the body most women would kill for! Keep it up [email protected] As Jimmy Walkers character used to say: DYNOMITE! hehehehheeh. Just remember this is a lifestyle change now!
  • mandylgibbs
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    Awesome! I really want to try Insanity!
  • Tmoney19
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    OMG i'm so proud of you! You stuck with it and got great results! You look great girl!!!!!:flowerforyou: