I just want to be in the 170's!!!!!

When I first started losing weight, I was 215 pounds (this was before I ever joined MFP), and got down to 190, now I hang right in between 185-188. I don't know why I mentally am like scared or something of getting below 180. I guess because it's a number I havent seen since high school. It's sort of like my brain has accepted the 185ish weight range and just says "okay that'll do it, you've lost a bunch of weight so don't worry about it." I know that makes very little sense, but I'm really struggling right now and need some motivation. My ultimate goal weight is 165, please leave your advice and encouragement! I really need some support right now!


  • dramaqueen45
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    I haven't been under 140 in 9 years but here I am. Slowly but surely. And buying new clothes is fun too. Goals are very personal and can change over time. Maybe you shouldn't set a number goal but just go by how you feel, how clothes fit and your level of confidence. If you feel great at 180 then that's fine too.
  • cfranklin10
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    I am in the same boat!! I started at 206 and I can not get past 190!!!! for the last 2 weeks its like I can eat very well and be very active and my body just says nope 190 is where you're staying! Keep up the good work hopefully our bodies will get over this hump!!
  • fuelednfit
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    I started 3 times from 224-234 and always stop for some obscure psychological reason between 182-186. Although last time i only gained back 13pound and didnt go all the way up to the 220s I am hoping this time it should work. I tried to fix my head before starting this 3rd attempt. It is happening in our heads as well not only in the gym and kitchen.
  • amynb524
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    I am similar to you! I was 253 at the beginning of the year and in the past 7 months I've gotten down to 188. My goal is 165 - I have hit a roadblock!
  • ashlynmichelecook2016
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    Wow it seems that that number is a popular number to hit a road block at! Thanks guys, glad to know I'm not alone! Feel free to add me, we can support each other and maybe figure this out!
  • Buppybup
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    I want to be 170 so bad! That's my goal weight before my baby's first birthday. I started at 199 on MFP and am now at 192. I will be crushed if I get stuck in the 180s! :( But at least it's better than 199!