Need some new friends

Kara52217 Posts: 353 Member
I just cleaned out my Friends list as Many of them haven't been on for Months and I would love some new ones to help keep me motivated.

I just hit the 1200 day login mark so I have been around for a while but Lack Luster on beahaving. BUT I am tired of that so I am ON IT.

I would Love some peeps to join me in this journey and It would be Great if your In MN too!!



  • happygrandma52
    happygrandma52 Posts: 66 Member
    I love to be one of your friends - I log almost every day - but I'm not in MN
  • cupcakesplz
    cupcakesplz Posts: 237 Member
    Hi you can add me!
    I am on 30 times a day!! If not more
    I am a stay at home mum
    Can I ask what MN is?
    I am new too this my second week