Initial weigh in

Current weight: 196
Goal weight: 150
August Goal: 186

I want to want to eat healthier and drink lots of water. I want to workout 5 days a week.


  • ncboiler89
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    God's speed.
  • sandmark2009
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    Sandmark 2009
    Initial weight 2011 lbs
    Target weight 140 lbs
    I'm determined to get into a new routine of working with and riding my horse daily and to give up Tunnocks Teacakes!
  • scolaris
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    You & I are working for about the same amount of loss! I've been doing this for 58 days & it has been great! I've lost 10.5 lbs.
    - yes: weigh everything you eat! It really matters...
    - And take some time to see what works. I walk 100k steps a week & do body weight resistance exercises. After 10 weeks I will keep what is working well & try adding something new or different.
    - I don't agree about weighing every day. For maintenance? Absolutely! But there are some people who get wiggy watching the scale when they are losing. See how you feel. Weekly is good too. And if you are a daily weigher get a good scale; I just got an aria scale & its accuracy makes weighing a pleasure.
  • futuremilf2015
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    Starting weight : 184.6 lbs
    Goal weight: 130lbs
    Goal time: 1 year
  • sandmark2009
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    Thanks for all the great advice. I never thought about actually weighing the food I ate but it makes sense as I would always get weighed before eating or drinking anything. I've struggled today with exercise and stable work as I'm in agony with my RA in my back from yesterday's exertions. Even the TENS machine isn't helping. I hope tomorrow is better and I can get some exercise again.