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Hello MFP! (again)

So I am starting this whole lifestyle change thing again. I am a yo-yo dieter and am currently bigger than I have ever been. My primary concern this time is not loss of pounds, but an end to my health problems and an ability to be more active. Losing inches will just be a great bonus to that.

I have also decided this time that I don't even want to worry about the scale. I don't want to focus on deprivation. Instead of a "goal weight", I just want to work one day at a time to make sure that I am making healthful meals and doing something active. I really want this to be a change in habits that continues for the rest of my life. I figure if I keep with the healthy habits, the weight will come off and I will feel much better.

I am hoping to find some supportive friends who are interested in health and lifestyle milestones rather than pound or kilo goals. :)


  • prgirl39
    prgirl39 Posts: 108
    Hello! Add me if you want. I was recently diagnosed with Pre-diabetes so that was the wake up call I needed. I have lost 14 pounds but I will not lie it has been very hard. I need to change my lifestyle and be healthy, not just loose weight. Like you say, it would be a bonus.

    Baby steps, you will get there.
  • Beachchic1977
    Beachchic1977 Posts: 31 Member
    Hi, I'm trying to do the same thing. I was on here once before but I really wasn't committed. I realize now that this is much more than just losing weight its a whole life style change. The little accomplishments add up to big ones. Feel free to add me, my diary is open.
  • orygunred
    orygunred Posts: 20
    What you all said.... Me too. Except I now have type 2 diabetes. Add me as a friend if you like. We can support and encourage each other!
  • Naturesdawn
    Naturesdawn Posts: 14 Member
    Hi there! I developed heart problems in my late 20's, so am really focused on cleaning up my diet and exercise. Feel free to add me if you like! :-)