The fun protein quest



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    Natto - a Japanese food that is fermented soybeans - contains 4 kcal / g (8.25g - 33kcal)
    Generally high in protein

    Google tells me this is 212 cals for 100g natto, which includes 18g protein, so it's 11.78 cals per gram of protein.
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    Nobody's thrown out grilled chicken breast?
    110 cals/100grams, 23.09 grams protein.
    4.76 cals/1 gram protein.
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    Lobster 4.68/1 gram protein
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    today dinner meat; Purdue fat-free ground chicken breast cooked = 4.8 calories per gram of protein.
    (incase i got my math wrong; 3oz was 91c/19g of p)

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    Great thread! I needed this info!
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    Homemade seitan comes in at 4.9 calories per g protein
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    This thread helped me meet my protein macro for today, and I saved up a bunch of calories for a gluttonous barbecue I'm going to attend this weekend. Thank you!

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    This thread is so bookmarked.

    Frozen baby clams- for Crown Prince brand, I get 16 g protein per 100 grams for 91 calories (and 164% of DV for iron!). 5.7 calories per gram (not the lowest but not bad!)
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    louise5779 wrote: »
    I can't believe nobody mentioned the food that has the LEAST calories per protein gram. Egg whites! ~4.35 calories per gram. (well, there is spirulina at 4.33 but nobody just munches on spirulina pills for sustenance.)

    Love eggs!! have them every day but whole eggs because I love the yolks so much!! pushes the protein/cal to 11.66.

    Love this I love eggs the reason I eat eggs is for the yolk. When I was a kid I would eat just the yolk and my dad would get in me for wasting food.
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    24 g per 3 oz. serving

    25 g per 3 oz. serving

    12 g per 3 oz. serving

    7 g per 1 cup serving
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    Thanks for this thread. Have it bookmarked also. Sounds like a lot of us have trouble getting in adequate protein and this sure helps! Note the term "Adequate Protein". Those who posted their angry responses to this thread didn't seem to get it... I don't think anyone here is looking to overload on protein!

    I have some trouble getting the carbs up as well, believe it or not! Looking for low glycemic index carbs... But that's another topic and I can google that... Thanks everyone for your good input here!
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    louise5779 wrote: »
    Protranser wrote: »
    ooo I love this list. Here's what I found from google:

    Tuna (4.46 calories per gram of protein)
    Tilapia (4.96 calories per gram of protein)

    When I get home I'm going to cram a bunch of prawns in my mouth to get my protein macro for the day. Hot.


    Google is good but I have found they average a lot of things. It told me salmon was under 5 but when I actually checked the salmon I had bought the pack says 9.73 cals per 1 g instead of googles generalising.

    it depends on the kind of salmon you buy.. For example, the wild caught salmon from Schwans that i use is 5.77c per 1g of p.
    (150c/26p per 5oz/142g servings)

    their mahi mahi (which is really delicious) is 4.81c per 1g of p

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    As a point of comparison, GNC Whey Protein Isolate clocks in at 4.64 cal per 1g of protein
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    Lean chicken... 4.6 per 1gram
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    Protein Powder

    Average of 23-26 grams protein
    Average of 100-140 cals per serving

    3.8 to 6.1 cals per 1 g of protein

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    Ooh what a great thread! I really struggle to hit my protein goal - I don't eat eggs and only eat meat once or twice a week. There are some great ideas here - guess I'm gonna have to learn to eat fish! :D