Filiberto's Steak, Egg, Cheese Breakfast Burrito Calories?

itsMcKay Posts: 131 Member
Their official nutrition pdf says 660 calories but I find that extremely hard to believe.

My guess/breakdown:

200 Tortilla (lg. flour)
210 Eggs (3?)
220 Cheddar (2 oz.?)
250 Steak (3 oz.?, skirt?)
100 Oil/Grease/WhoKnows?!
100 Sour Cream Side
1080 TOTAL

Am I way overestimating? Thanks!

P.S.: I'm going to the gym later and will burn off 500 calories over an hour. That'll leave me with 600 for dinner which is more than enough. :)


  • itsMcKay
    itsMcKay Posts: 131 Member
    The MFP database says 829, plus the 100 for sour cream would be 929, so not that far off. I think I'll call it an even thou. Answered my own question! Good talk, me!