How to incorporate more movement in my life??



  • Lounmoun
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    I agree with being less efficient. :)
    Park farther away from places, use the stairs more, walk around during your lunch or breaks
    Do more things yourself- yard work, cleaning, errands, dog walking
    Volunteer to play with some active toddlers
    Hang clothes on a clothesline instead of using a dryer
  • airbent
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    Get a dog. Ever since I got a dog, I added an additional 3 miles of walking to my days.

    That's probably not a practical solution, though. I'll second the Fitbit or activity tracker.

    I second this, my dog gives me the most adorably pitiful look if I haven't walked her. "mom? what's going on? did i do something wrong? is that why you're sitting here when my leash is right over there?" :P

    I'm dreading the winter months when it'll be harder for me to take her on longer walks but we're going to tough it out as much as we can.
  • eshnna
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    I too have a desk job and ever since I got my fitness tracker I have been trying to put my 12k daily. In fact I do better during the workdays then on the weekends now. I have a scale and weigh most of my food. This is what is working for me.
    - On days I know I want a special treat for dinner I eat shirataki noodles with about 150 grams of chicken. Very satisfying and the noodles are 0 calories!
    - I always have a low calorie snack around. Jicama is my go to these days (with lots of chile and lime juice), other favorites are strawberries and blueberries.
    - I get up every hour and do a quick walk around the office.
    - I walk during my two 15min breaks. Take your breaks if you have them!
    - I do 20 mins of exercise during my lunch break. - Then I get home and do at least 20 mins of exercise and then play chase with my daughter. I like to walk to jessicafitnesstv videos if I wake up in the early morning. She has the greatest walking videos.
    - Lastly, I bought an under-the-desk strider (Stamina is the brand) for when I am too busy to get up for my walks. It is great because it also counts my steps.
  • lemurcat12
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    Just walk whenever you possibly can. I figured out I was lightly active just based on that (I live in a city, though, which makes it easier), despite having a desk job. It sounds as if you are more active than the average person already, with the standing vs. sitting on the job.
  • TnTWalter
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    i put sedentary and then log my exercise. i typically exercise 5-6 times per week for >1 hour.
  • kshama2001
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    Yes to drying clothes on clothesline!
  • kimcalica
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    Oh come on guys!! Why so stuffy!!! We all have houses it apartments.. We all need to clean them.. Now.. Add music.. And stop focusing so much on getting everything done.. Incorporate dance and joy into the work.
    Set a timer for an hour.. Maybe two..
    Turn on music
    Swing to the beat
    Focus on whatever is bugging you

    Once your endorphins get up, you'd be surprised at what you'll get motivated to tackle!

    And how productive using your housework as a burn..

    I mean, what are we getting in shape for?
    What are we training for?
    We want to be able to do this stuff without hating it.. Train ourselves to be able to do it with ease and joy..
    Find the burn everywhere!!
  • dubird
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    Second to not being efficient. My office at home is upstairs and I don't keep food or drink in there. If I want something, I have to go down and get it. I park in a place where I have to walk into the building and take the stairs instead of where the other employees park and take the elevator. When grocery shopping, I walk down EVERY aisle, even I'm there for just one thing. Granted, that can backfire if you're hungry, so don't do that unless you've eaten recently! XD

    Also, I love my Fitbit. While the badges and goals aren't really what motivates me to move, it's handy for me to see just how much I burn during the day, and if it's lower than my norm, I can do something to get it back up. And I'll admit to a little thrill when I get the buzz that says I've hit 10k steps for the day.