Looking for Support Friend(s)

I am back to MFP and a serious attitude to get rid of this weight once and for all. I'm looking for some friends that will be willing to offer semi weekly support (or more, if you are up to it).

The basic details: I'm a 57 year old woman. Married, child free (except for 4 rescue kitties). I have a wide array of interests which range from the cultural arts and sciences, to NASCAR racing and organic gardening. I can fill you in more later, but I don't want to bore you right now. I am spiritual, but not religious; I am a Buddhist Pagan which, in a nutshell means, my "church" is nature and the seasons, and I practice loving kindness and compassion. I'm not looking to be converted into any formal religion. I'll respect yours if you respect mine. Deal?

I'm fat. That's a factual statement, not a negative or derogatory one. The medical term would be "morbidly obese" but saying fat is easier. I've been on practically every weight loss diet/plan that's come around for over 40 years. You would think by now I would have been successful in keeping the weight off. I know why and how I got fat. I like food. Really good food. I am a sugar and carb addict. I eat for comfort. I am currently following a high protein/lower carb way of eating. It works for me when I don't stray, but I tend to stray. (Tolkien was right....Not all who wander are lost). But, I've come to realize that it is very difficult without any support.

So, if you think we'd get along (I'm pretty easy going), and you have some time and would like to stay in touch during the week to support each other during this journey, please inbox me.

Thanks for your time in reading this.


  • healarue
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    Good Morning, I am a returning member to mfp. I am 36, 2 girls and live in eastern oregon. I am looking for some new friends to support and be supported by. I am of no religion, but most closely a pagan. I am overweight and hate to exercise, and love good food and wine(a serious down fall). I have recently quit the wine and am on a no added sugar kick. I eat what I like. . . after thoroughly checking that there is no added sugar of any kind(no honey, maple syrup, organic sweeteners, manufactured sweeteners etc), this has been challenging to say the least. I am not really counting calories just keeping an eye on the sugar intake. I have noticed that I eat a lot of carbs so I am trying to keep those within the perimeters that mfp recommends.
    I hope that you are doing well this Saturday! Sunday is sure to be a beautiful Blood Harvest Moon(&eclipse). I hope you are in a place where you will be able to catch this amazing lunar event.
    Blessings to you and your kitties, I am sure they have grown up a bit since your post!