Focus T25

I have started the Focus T25 series of working out. Is it possible to track that on this app? I am new here. TIA


  • gunrock1970
    gunrock1970 Posts: 45 Member
    Given that T25 is mostly cardio (even in Beta, with weights it has cardio sections to get the heart rate up), I use a Polar HRM and use it's calorie burn as my entry into UP24 (which I have linked to MFP).
    JDHINAZ Posts: 641 Member
    I use a HRM, too. ALWAYS more accurate than what MFP will give for any exercise.
  • SuperSaiyanEva
    SuperSaiyanEva Posts: 39 Member that site is fairly accurate.
  • mlcollins89
    mlcollins89 Posts: 87 Member
    Hey, I'm doing T25 too! As many have mentioned, a HRM is key. Calories burned will be different for each person as there are so many different factors at play .

    I tried using the site SuperSaiyanEva linked to, and she's right, it's pretty accurate but will vary.
  • gunrock1970
    gunrock1970 Posts: 45 Member
    I did 443 calories in Speed 2.0 the other day (according to my HRM) and that site says 445 which is good, but the intensity was "low". I can tell you that my intensity of Speed 2.0 is anywhere but "low".