New to MFP-Looking to lose 30 pounds

Hello B)
My name is Valerie. I'm new to MFP and looking to lose 30 pounds. Being petite (I'm 5'0) presents its own set of challenges on the weightloss journey. Because of hy height, My goal is to stay under 1200 calories per day. MFP is doing an excellent job showing me how much those empty calories truly add up. I'm also seeing how imperative it is to include daily exercise in my routine to reach my goal. I didn't gain this extra weight overnight so I know it's going to take time and motivation to lose it. I can definitely use all the motivation and encouragement I can get, so please feel free to add me! Good luck everyone!


  • robper13
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    You can add me if you like.
  • JanelleG0122
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    The fact that you understand it's going to take motivation and time is the number one important thing! I'm also petite at 5'2, so I understand even a few pounds looks like a lot more on a small frame. I'm looking to lose a total of 115 and have lost 36 so far. Keep up your goals and you will do great!
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    I'm only 4'9 - and have 40-ish pounds to lose I'd be happy to be friends if you'd like :smile:
  • peterndebb
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    Hi I am Deb I also need to lose 30lbs n I am also 5"0 I just started I wish you n me luck I would say friend me but I don't know what I'm doing on here yet lol
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    I am also looking to lose thirty lbs. we can do this together! :)
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    Options please feel free to add me!

    Happy to if you don't mind me commenting on your diary? I'm doing the same (but not on MFP) for my daughter and she's watching me, so I'm happy to help if you like?
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    15-20 gotta lean up workout doing HIIT and am starting up low carb again B)