Building a booty

I have been dieting. I'm 20 lbs away from my goal. I never had a "big" booty but I'm noticing it's getting flatter the more weight I lose. I want to start working on building it back. How important are weights? I workout from home and I don't have weights/equipment. Will I be successful without using weights? Or do I need to get a gym membership :(


  • IsaackGMOON
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    Build muscle; caloric surplus, adequate protein.

    Squats. Deadlifts. Lunges. New Rules of Lifting For Women. With weights...

  • plaffo378
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    I know the feeling the booty and boobs go when you don't want them to. I've found lunges and squats are what we are told to build a booty, there are also Pilates moves which help tighten and shape this area too all easy to do and no weights or equipment needed
  • The_Weaze
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    I've been following the Strong Curves program which specifically addresses this. Love it!
  • TnTWalter
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    you can buy dumb bells. Or a kettlebell. You should use weights.
  • MakePeasNotWar
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    I've been doing Strong Curves at home. There is a body weight version that needs very little equipment. I use a pull-up bar, exercise ball, foam roller and a chair and I'm good. It's made a noticeable difference.