Hello I am NEW!

Hello so I am not very good at connecting online. I am usually a stay to myself kind of guy. Recently I found out my cholesterol is very high and I have been battling with high blood pressure. I am in need of losing 50+ pounds and eating more healthy.
I also realize I cannot do this alone. So I am attempting to reach out to make new friends and get accountability.



  • tayloralanj
    tayloralanj Posts: 137 Member
    You got it, get some! I was in the same boat, not 50+ but exactly 40ish,,,,,gone. Good luck, lots of people here for you.
  • VanderB_55386
    VanderB_55386 Posts: 14 Member
    Welcome! I just joined yesterday kind of on a whim. I did not plan to start a weight loss plan just yet but somehow landed here yesterday. I do not have the perfect food selections in my house but I will do the best I can this week and then shop for a clean week of eating next week with pictures and measurements and all....
    Good luck!
  • pastorspeedy
    pastorspeedy Posts: 17 Member
    Thank you! I jumped into this because of health complications. I also have bad choices for food at home and doing my best.
  • Zephalia
    Zephalia Posts: 79 Member
    First suggestion to you is to keep healthy food selections at home that you enjoy. Welcome!
  • PinkPixiexox
    PinkPixiexox Posts: 4,142 Member
    MFP forums are a brilliant tool to use to stay motivated! :)
    Wishing you the best of luck :D You can do this!
  • peep69
    peep69 Posts: 11 Member
    Welcome, I just started recently. Day 2 so far so good.
  • SugarShane513
    SugarShane513 Posts: 18 Member
    Most of the people on here are great and offer lots of super advice! If I can offer a little advice it would be to take baby steps, throw away the scale, and set attainable goals. :) Wrap your mind around the concept that food is only to survive and not how it tastes. Good luck in your journey!