CLA and weightloss

After reading the online studies and benefits of CLA (Conjuglated Linoleic Acid) I just started taking it today.

Does anyone have any personal experience or recommendations in CLA supplementation?


  • WBB55
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    It looks like it might have an effect in obese individuals when taken in conjunction with milk to decrease body fat, but not specifically to decrease weight. What benefit were you taking it for?
  • DeguelloTex
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    "The evidence from RCTs does not convincingly show that CLA intake generates any clinically relevant effects on body composition on the long term."

    I'd recommend taking it if spending the money for it isn't an issue for you.
  • kristen6350
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    OP, you have 26 pounds to lose. Pills aren't the answer. Calorie Deficient and moving more is. I could understand if you were morbidly obese, but not where you are.
  • robertf57
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    Stop looking for magic potions to lose weight. Move more - eat less