How do I know when I am at a good weight?

I have now lost 45 pounds, I am also now in a "normal weight range" and not considered overweight by my BMI. I would still like to lose 10-15 more pounds and continue to build lean muscle but maybe not hit as hard and be as strict with calories. Both my husband and best friend say I have lost enough (because I am tall) but I am 159 and I used to weight 130 so I am still not happy with my body but also at 30 and after having a kid, I do not expect to get to 130 again. My question is, of course all of my clothes, both normal and exercise clothes are too big, most have elastic waist and I mainly wear tshirts but I am having to use hair ties to make my pants fit tighter and all of that. I want to know a good time to start getting new clothes... should I wait maybe another 10 pounds? How will I know the "right weight" or a more "holding steady" weight? (I hope that makes sense)


  • When you feel comfortable with yourself in the mirror is when you know
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    Have you not bought any clothes at all?

    I buy new clothes when I fit a new size, regardless of my intention to keep losing more weight.
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    jemhh wrote: »
    Have you not bought any clothes at all?

    I buy new clothes when I fit a new size, regardless of my intention to keep losing more weight.

    I got 2 new bras because they were literally not working anymore, other than that maybe a shirt, I was wearing baggy stretchy stuff before because I did not like my rolls nor did I intend on showing everyone lol, so aside from the tshirts being big, I can still wear mostly everything, its just loose.
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    if they were baggy then, aren't you swimming in them NOW?

    go buy some clothes. wearing clothes that actually FIT will allow you to see what you ACTUALLY look like.
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    I'm all for skipping a size or two (I told my wife not to buy me clothes, other than the bathing suits I needed for our vacation), but if the clothes aren't working for you, then you have to buy new ones. And using hair ties is not working for you, its risking a disaster. You've lost 45lb. Go buy some nice fitting clothes, and if you lose another 15lb they'll still fit good enough until you are ready to buy new clothes again. Maybe not buy an entire wardrobe if you don't want to spend that much, but some nice stuff to wear out and about and wear the lose stuff working around the house.
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    I would definitely buy new clothes. They could cause you to trip or rip while you're exercising. You can shop at a Goodwill or a discount store, we have one around here called Fallas Parades that has some CUTE clothes, to save money.
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    When you're happy enough with the way you look.

    Personally though, I hate wasting money so I waited as long as possible to buy new clothes.
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    I refuse to look like im wearing clothes made for another person and look like a bum. therefore, i buy clothes. thrift stores and good will are my favorite haunts!
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    I have lost 43 lbs. I bought new clothing that was cheaper than I would normally wear (from Walmart ). I started at a tight size 16. I expected to get 14s but found that the 12s fit fine. Now I can fit in a size 8 so I bought a bunch of clothes from a thrift store, (you'll be surprised at what you can find for just a few bucks). I want to lose about 10-15 more lbs so I will wait and see if I will fit a 4 or 6 before I buy any good clothes. I think you should buy some new (or new used) clothes, it will make you feel so good about what you've accomplished!
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    When you feel comfortable with yourself in the mirror is when you know

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    Thanks guys, I may. I may not buy a bunch but I think I will look after work when I get paid friday, I just dont want to waste money on something I may wear a couple months and never touch again you know? lol
  • I was the same position as you recently but it wasn't until I bought some new clothes that I was really able to appreciate the weight I lost. Just invest in few staples if you want to continue on your weight loss journey
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    I'm in the same position as you... Down 70 pounds (like a size 18w to size 8)... I seem to grow out of clothes as soon as I can fit them! What I do, like a lot of others have mentioned (still 20 pounds or so to go)... Is I either hit up the goodwill/eBay etc... Or I check more economical options like Walmart (they're awesome for workout clothes)... But my saving grace is the clearance racks... Everywhere- but especially TARGET... I get to wear jeans to work- so Target is my go to (I always stock up when there's a sale)....
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    I don't think it's time to buy new clothes. If you aren't happy with your body naked, you're not happy with your body. I think it's time to put on some muscle. Putting on muscle helps make you look thinner by making you less "jiggly" and can be better for self esteem then simply losing weight.
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    Stop when you feel ready to stop, not when people tell you to :)

    I buy new clothes every two months because I tend to lose a lot of inches quite quickly and I outgrow every thing at a really fast rate. If you're having to use hair ties to hold your clothes together, I think it's time to invest in a few smaller sizes. Don't spend too much - you'll be replacing those soon. But you need to be comfortable!
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    If you're tall it will take you a while to go down a size. Short women can drop 5-10lb and go down a size, tall not so much. But I think that's a benefit. When I'm 150lbs I'm a 6, when I'm 135lbs I'm a 4. But I could still wear a 6 and it would look fine. So my advice like the pp is to go and buy a few things that make you feel good and are flattering. Things like wrap dresses are good because you can adjust. Work out clothes too because of the lycra. Just don't buy cheap, crappy stuff ( I second the thrift/consignment store suggestion - you can get really high quality stuff for a few $). Cheap stuff is cut badly, it never fits properly and you deserve to wear something that flatters your body.
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    I just bought some clothes from thrift stores. That way if I continue to lose I won't be bummed I spent a lot of money. Most of the pants and tops are $3-$5. I bought some really nice brand names, Calvin Klein, Hurley.
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    It sounds like you were comfortably at 130. If you can get within 10lbs of that, maybe that is your point? Only you will know. I had a little struggle with that as well and when I did a search, many of the things I looked at suggested that a weight around where you were at 18-20yrs old, if you didn't have weight issues then, could be used that a baseline+ a few pounds that you just naturally gain. I'm 5'9', 150-155 and feel pretty good here. Took me a while to drop another 10 pounds to figure that out though.
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    You my be ready to work on body composition.

    Swap some fat for muscle. Add some shape you like.

    It is a constant journey.

    I'm reshaping more than losing weight.

    It just gets down to your happiness.
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    I would buy 1-2 new outfits that fit well now.
    New clothes with elastic waist or t-shirts that fit you well now (not baggy) would probably still be able to be worn if you lose 10-15 lbs.
    Have you considered altering your baggy clothes with a sewing machine? You can find instructions for doing that on the internet.