It is not where you are in health, but who you are as a whole...

It is funny after spending a weekend with a bunch of sixth grade boys and girls, how apparent it is that marketing is too strong in shaping the values and thoughts that we ALL have about ourselves.

I especially feel for the young girls I see, all lovely in who they are, but so many have been socialized to feel less than AMAZING in who they are. Boys are more brainwashed into stereotypical masculine rolls and ANYTHING seen as outside is ostracized. I can't help but see how that has effect so many generations, including the one you are in now, and the person you have been taught to be. So I come how to this video. I FRACKIN swear I am like Richard Simmons, always getting a bit teary eyed listening and watching the struggles of people. Not very manly, I suppose, but very me. Anyway, worth a watch. Gives me hope there are people out there who are NOT afraid to be a light for other and connect. When I watch the video I notice the first brave girl to approach this woman is a young girl, and it just made me think about all the kids this weekend. Anyway.... Long URL, but worth the watch. This I will make a post on this.

Watch this AMAZING video