Why are rice cakes considered a "diet food"?



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    Rice cakes rock. I just had one. Wait. No. That was an ice cream sammich.

    Seriously, I ate a lot of them once-upon-a-time. When I was cutting weight for rowing I would top them with squished kidney beans and then salsa. I think they were so popular just because they were a non-bread "base"; I think that role has been taken now by the low carb tortillas.

    i buy low carb tortillas for my son, because they are full of fiber, and he is texture sensitive and autistic, so like, fibrous fruits and veggies are NOT happening. I recommend them to a lot of parents with children who have similar issues. Mission low carb flour variety, specifically.
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    senecarr wrote: »
    They taste ok if you mix them with an equal volume of butter.

    Or chocolate. Works even better if you don't eat the rice cakes. Less calories too.
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    A crunchy "platform" to put messier, higher flavor foods on top of.
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    Yummy!!!! It's what you put on top of them! Like bread....crap on its own you don't just eat a peice of bread...or rice you don't just have a bowl of plain rice, or plain bowl of pasta....it's what you put on it!! Need carbs add banana and honey, lunch-cream cheese, tuna and cucumber! Snack-cream cheese and vegemite, or peanut butter....as for a 'diet' food I've never heard of them as a 'diet' food my kids take them to school as they like them better than sandwiches! My partner remembers eating them as a kid with melted cheese, they were a treat for us as they weren't cheap years ago butter, vegemite and plastic cheese....mmmmmmyummy!!!